CMS Wednesday Group Run – RunLog 4-2-14

WOW! What a great day for a run, shorts and long sleeve tech shirt weather.

I got to do my first Central Main Striders Nooner Group run in shorts with three others:

Barry, Patrick and Brian
After the run Barry, Patrick and Brian. No Patrick is not crying because we punished him so badly on the run, I think he was trying not to laugh too hard at me and the fluorescent colors I was wearing which were blinding him in the sunlight 😉

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New Central Maine Striders Group Run – RunLog 11-13-13

Course 11-13-13
Course 11-13-13

Okay, I have been negligent about writing my daily RunLog posts for the past couple of days, while I focused on putting my spring marathon training plan together and reflecting on the reasons I needed to make some very drastic changes to how I train.

Putting those thoughts into something that made sense (at least a little) took more time than I thought it would.

The other part is that my marathon mileage base building started last Monday, but I will get into all this stuff in my weekly round-up, which I will go over a LOT of changes, including when I will be doing my weekly wrap-ups.

I am very excited by all the changes and believe that they will get me to the marathon finish line this spring with a BQ time for me!!!

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