It HAS Been A Tough Year

This morning I was going through my reading list and Christine over at Love, Life, Surf, had a great post (5 Tips For Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Learning to Fly) that really made me stop and think.

Let’s back-up for a minute

Over the past year, it seems that my running has taken a back seat to recovering from a multitude of injuries.

The residual effects of a partially torn left Achilles tendon and Posterior Tibialis on May 28th of last year (yeah last year).

Take the bad with the good :-)
Take the bad with the good 🙂 My foot in May 2013

Yeah, this is still bothering me a lot more than I let on after more than a year of working on the damn thing.

Even though I went through a long period of physical therapy, tried Graston therapy last month (which only re-aggravated it) and have done a lot of mobilization, stretching, strengthening routines, nothing seems to actually work to get it so that I can run on it pain-free.

I have lost confidence that this injury will ever allow me to train/run at the levels I want now.

However, I can still run on it, though I have to be very aware of the how it feels when I am running faster and slow down if it starts to tighten up too much. Continue reading “It HAS Been A Tough Year”

What’s Going On – RunLog 7-16-14

6 Tiers of hay
6 Tiers of hay

On Saturday afternoon, I had a dual axle trailer about half-full of hay run over my right foot.

You can read the dirty details here

When the tire went over my foot there was considerable pain initially, so I know that things got squashed pretty good and probably ground things together that normally don’t touch one another. All-in-all not good things, but the way it is.

Looking back, I was pretty lucky, it doesn’t seem that it did serious damage.

However, the foot is still sore and I have a pretty good idea that it will be for a while, but the good news is that I am able to walk on it and work around the house.

That is – as long as I do not go overboard (you know be stupid – doing Harold being Harold stuff) and keep resting it when I can.

So until the soreness goes away, I am not planning to run and be very conservative about my walking and exercise routines.

Which sucks, but it is the correct course of action.

How is Bennie taking it?

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Run Around Back Cove – RunLog 6-30-14

I had to go down to the JetPort to pick-up SD2 and decided it would be a good time to run around Back Cove.

Fortunately, it was still in the 60’s and there was a slight breeze, so the heat and humidity were not a factor.

Strava Stats 6-30-14
Strava Stats 6-30-14

Unfortunately, I just never really got a comfortable stride going. From the start, my body just felt tight and even though I thought that I had loosened up well in the parking lot, the body didn’t cooperate during the run, so I just plugged along. I did really focus on keeping my elbows back and not crossing my body with my hands.  Continue reading “Run Around Back Cove – RunLog 6-30-14”

I Ran – Not Just Slogged – RunLog 6-28-14

IMG_20140628_105838_840This morning I had the most progress I have had in almost 2 months and it came after the day I seriously thought about shutting everything down for 2 weeks. In other words I am in the middle of Running Injury Recovery Madness.

One day I hit the depths of despair and want to bag it and the next day things seem to be turning around. Yeah, I am riding the roller coaster pretty hard now.

Today’s first run with Bennie, even though I can’t focus my arm swing very well, the first quarter-mile was AMAZING!

NO FREAKING PAIN in my left leg!

Then I came back to reality and the discomfort started in again, but I had run without pain for the first time since April 30th.

I had also had a free and flowing stride that felt strong and was holding myself back, because I really didn’t know what to do with how I was feeling! Continue reading “I Ran – Not Just Slogged – RunLog 6-28-14”

Humbled and Just a Little Scared

cropped-miles-for-mills2.jpgOkay this is one of those posts, where I am going talk about one of my greatest fears in running. And no, I am not whining or complaining this time, I don’t need Karma to be such a Bitch.

It is something that all athletes (no matter how great or humble) face at some point in their athletic careers.

Think of the many athletes (whether they are 30, 40, 50 or older), have an injury and they just are not the same afterwards.

Now I am not my any stretch of my imagination or any thing else all that a great runner, but I am still competitive, if only in my own mind and with myself. Okay, once in a while in my own age group too.

Right now I am scared to death, that I will not be able to return to running at the same or even close to the level of running that I was able to do, just a couple of months ago.

Yeah we all have our highs and lows, when we rehabbing from an injury, but this time it feels different.

Continue reading “Humbled and Just a Little Scared”

Nice 3.0 Miler – RunLog 6-1-14

Just a little nasty to run on
Just a little nasty to run on

I was a little worried how I would feel today, after running yesterday.

A bit sore, but it was soreness – not pain, so that was cool.

I was walking Bennie this morning and Mary was finishing up her run, so we ran the last 0.7 miles with her. Boy, gotta teach Bennie, not choke himself to death trying to drag me faster than I want to go, but I do make a great anchor.

It was a great warm-up for my run, right after we got back to the house. By the way the weather is gorgeous, mid 70’s, light breeze and lots of sunshine.

Since I was all warmed-up, I took off a little faster than I have been and it actually felt pretty good. Even though it was on the rocks and crap down-back, it was all downhill, so it wasn’t too bad. I only wanted to do 2-3, so I turned around at the ledge (the bump) and came back. I backed off the pace and just trotted along comfortably, even going back up Stevens hill. Continue reading “Nice 3.0 Miler – RunLog 6-1-14”

My Rehab Routine

Using the massage doohickey on my leg
Using the massage doohickey on my leg

Since I changed the name of my blog to Ramshackle Runnah, it has given me more of an impetus to really clean-up the mess that my legs have become.

It is also me admitting that I have made a mess of my legs and that I really am starting to be an old fart with a LOT of miles on my body. Who finally has to face the fact and actually accept, that if I want to keep running and do it relatively pain-free, I have to change things. Get real Harold – you have to change a lot of things, especially when it comes to injury management and rehab.

Changing my blog’s name was also a public acknowledgement, with more than a touch of humiliation of how far I had let myself go and how injury-prone I have become.

I am making progress and over the past few weeks I have been very diligent about doing my mobilization, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Let’s get the disclaimer crap out-of-the-way.

I am not a medical professional and what works for me probably will not work for you. If you have a medical condition or injury that you do not feel comfortable treating yourself, you should always see a medical professional for your actual treatment options. I am providing this information as part of my running journey, to share my ongoing efforts to clean-up the mess my running has become due the years of not rehabbing my multiple injuries appropriately (both running and non-running related). Continue reading “My Rehab Routine”

On The Shelf Until Next Monday

IMG_20140523_094648_138I went to my Chiropractor today and while he understands runners and our “need” to run – he just happens to be married to one.

However, based on everything that I told him, along what he did and noticed during our 1/2 hour pain-filled and teeth gnawing extravaganza this morning, I am on the shelf until at least next Monday.

Wah, Wah, Wah, I can either piss, moan, groan about not running for the next week or I can suck it up, do what I need to do to keep rehabbing my hamstring and other parts of my legs that need the work.

Knowing me, I will be whining by the end of the week about how much not running sucks and how much I just want to go for a run.

Yeah I know me pretty well, but at the same time, I also know that I will bust my ass to do this rehab correctly, because I do want to run sooner, rather than later, with a repeat performance happening within the next couple of months.

In other words, I will trust that Dr. Lawton’s judgement about what I need to allow my body to heal, is better than my own – after all that is why I am paying him as a medical professional and my track record is less than stellar. 🙂

That and the fact, that I know that I have to clean my act up and do it right this time. Continue reading “On The Shelf Until Next Monday”

Frustration Level At 9/10

Whine Alert!!!




This trying to stay positive crap is just that crap, even when I know that I have to be.

It keeps getting harder and harder, when all you want to do is run and you can’t.

I haven’t run since last Thursday, then today I jogged around the parking lot at the Rail Trail Run Shop to check out a couple of different kind of Skechers to (more about a little later in a different post)

My hamstring didn’t feel too bad, so when I got back to the house, I decided to go for an easy run. The plan was to do a: Continue reading “Frustration Level At 9/10”

Where Do I Go From Here – Goals for the Rest of 2014

Bennie Looking at my rehab tools
Bennie Looking at my rehab tools

I am still in the rehab process for my hamstring injury, I have a feeling that if I am realistic, not pessimistic or optimistic, I am still 2-3 weeks away from actually running mostly pain-free from my current injury. 

Something I read recently said it can take 21 to 72 days to properly heal a hamstring injury, I guess I got the 72 day variety.

I am not going to start training for anything until July, even though I will be running before then. Why not? 

I know that I am loosing conditioning with the sporadic amount of running I have done all of May and I need to re-build my base during June, to get my confidence back, so that I can do the things I expect from my body while in a training plan.

While this is frustrating as all hell for me, actually it F*&%$*g sucks, because the weather has been just about perfect for running around here. However, I gotta stay positive and this injury time has given me yet another chance to re-invent myself as a runner or at least to look at the things I need to do.

Especially, if I want to run with less pain and a more efficient gait, which I hope will result in drum roll please — less pain.

Yeah, I am kind of centered around pain, for now. No, not the severe, oh I can’t stand it kind of pain that gets all the headlines, instead it is that persistent pain in the ass stuff that never really goes away and is there, especially when I run or if I step wrong.

The kind of low-level pain you can run through and do most other things, but sticks around and says “hello” like a meddlesome, nosy neighbor, comes around when you least expect or want the interruption.

Like that kind of neighbor, I just want it to go away. Continue reading “Where Do I Go From Here – Goals for the Rest of 2014”