Spring Has Sprung – RunLog 3-20-18

Spring is heah and today was a bit of a tease, since we are supposed to get another 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow night. However, I will take it.

When I stated running, the temps were at the bottom of my personal long run safety zone, with temps in the low 20’s and wind chills bringing it down into the lower teens *F. However, it was supposed to warm up as the day progressed pretty quickly so I figured that it was gonna be just fine – and it was. Later in the day it was sunny and got up to the mid-40’s – a sign of things to come.

Unfortunately, the bad part of spring has also started – allergies. Even with the cold, as soon as the warm weather popped, something else popped and my eyes are watering, sneezing, runny nose and all those other classic signs of Harold enduring spring allergies has started.

I was planning on running down to the Augusta Rail Trail Head – about 11.0 miles (increasing thing slowly), but during the run a few things happened and while I didn’t get to 11.0, I did get over 10.0 miles in.

The first 3.0 miles were pretty routine and I was focusing on getting the arm swing more compact. It will take time to make it automatic, but I think it will be worth it once I get there. Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung – RunLog 3-20-18”

A Great Eight – RunLog 3-10-17

KIMG0298I took today off work and it was simply mahvelous.

The day started off early, but it was relaxing and I did get a few things done around the house that I wanted to work on.

Although the biggest thing I wanted to accomplish today was getting my long run in, before that arctic blast, another polar vortex comes in this weekend. Below 0*F wind chills and crap just ain’t gonna cut it for doing long runs outside.

I needed to walk Bennie at 9:00 and the temps were just  bone chilling (it felt colder, a LOT colder than the thermometer was saying) and I was going back and forth about whether I would even run outside in this weather, much less doing a longer run outside.

At 10:00 AM this morning the temps were still only 20*F, overcast and it felt like a little stronger than the 3mph breeze going on. You can tell that I wanted to get my longer run done outside pretty badly and not have to go run on the treadmill again, because that temp/wind combo is about as low as I will go to run to Augusta. I have done colder long runs, but the combination of the point-to-point routes I use to get into Augusta and that kind of cold, do not make for what I consider a safe run.

After I got in trouble a few years, doing a long run in similar conditions, I have a lot of respect for how cold 20*F actually is and how quickly things can go badly if you do not respect it.

The run itself was one of those where you have to keep playing tricks on your mind. You damn well when you start you are going to do just over 8.0 miles, but the cold makes you question whether or not you actually will. So you say I will just do to Annie’s Store and I can turn around if the conditions are too cold. Then you tell yourself I will turn-around at the 3 mile mark and just run home. Finally, when you get past the 4.0 mile point, it is less running and will be to keep going versus turning around into the wind and having to run back up the Bitch.

Then you get to count down the miles and they really doesn’t sound so bad. Hell I can 3.0 miles any day of the week, only 2.0 left – that is a piece of cake, 1.0 to go, let’s pick up the pace a little.

When I finished everything felt great and I wished that I had told Mary to pick me up at the Rail Trail (which would have been 11.0 miles). However, I had told her that I would meet her in a particular place and didn’t want have her looking all over hells half-acre to find her “missing” husband. While I would be cooling my heels someplace other than where I said I would be, getting chilled in the cold, after working up a pretty good sweat. Gotta keep the people who pick you up on those kind of runs happy, so they will be willing to do it again.

Actually I maintained a nice steady 8:40 to 9:00 minute pace and didn’t feel bad about running at anytime. It was the mental part of running in cold weather that I had to battle today.

  • Distance: 8.17
  • Time: 1:11:58
  • Pace: 8:49
  • Shoes: New Balance 860 v5
  • Average Heart Rate: 143
  • Average Cadence: 170

The roads were clear and the shoulders frozen solid, so you needed to watch out for icy patches and uneven frozen ground. I did have to stop once for a driveway that was solid ice and a truck was coming, so I wouldn’t have to run on the ice. After the truck went by, I navigated around the icy patch. However, I think that is where I lost some time and had the only split over 9:00 minute pace – a 9:01 mile.


How did the 860 v5’s do on their first longer run outside? What – I was wearing shoes, oh yeah, they did just fine and are quickly becoming a favorite pair of running shoes. I like the outsole design a lot better than the v6 and while didn’t try to pick up the pace  with them on today, I could have without any issues.

Overall a very nice longer run, even though it was a bit chilly and not too bad for an older fart, who earlier was whining way too much about getting old. 🙂

Long Run on a Perfect Day – RunLog 8-29-14

The Winds of Change came in yesterday!

Oh what relief it was. However, it is also a harbinger of things to come, so it was a mixed blessing.

So I will enjoy this kind of weather while it lasts!

What a gorgeous day for a long run, 72F degrees, bright sunshine and a breeze, best of all – low humidity.

I started out slowly, and while I thought about going for a 8:30 pace, I decided to just stay around 9:00’s. I haven’t run double-digits that much lately and am not sure of how well I was going to do, plus I was doing my first long run in the Pearl Izumi N1 Roads and wanted to make sure they were going to work well, before trying to go faster in them for this distance.

Strava Stats 8-29-14
Strava Stats 8-29-14

I did really well with my pacing until between miles 8 & 9, my left Achilles area really began to bother me, which shot down any thoughts of doing more the trail head. Continue reading “Long Run on a Perfect Day – RunLog 8-29-14”

Long Run – Cut Short – RunLog 8-15-14


Today’s long run was cut short, when TheWife pulled in front of me like something out of “Cops”. She told me I had to get in and we had to get home, because something had happened to our 11 year-old cat Isabelle.

We hurried home, she didn’t look good, couldn’t move her back legs, was drooling all over the place and her eyes were just not right. We hurried her to the vet down in Gardiner (yes, we called ahead).

They were fantastic, still not sure what happened, but after a few shots and some antibiotics – Isabelle seems to be doing a lot better.

Our critters are part of our family and when something is happening to one of them, we worry and try to get them taken care of. So we were relieved when we got home and she is doing a lot better.

Getting back to the run

I planned on running at around 9:00 minute pace for today’s run. I am not racing long distances this year and am focusing on just using my long runs to help improve my running efficiency.  Continue reading “Long Run – Cut Short – RunLog 8-15-14”

Double-Digit Surprise – RunLog 6-18-14

This morning we had to take the Corolla in to replace the fuel lines and gas fill pipe (you know the routine 14-year-old vehicle and Maine winters), which I thought was going to take 3-4 four hours. Which meant that I had some extra time this morning for a nice run.

I planned on 6 miles or so and then going home to run a couple with Bennie.

After I got going, I was feeling pretty good, even though it was pretty muggy, the temps were still in the 60’s and it was overcast/foggy, so the weather conditions were not outlandish yet.

When I got to 3.0 miles, my legs were feeling really good (the hammie was there, but wasn’t bothering as long as I stayed slow), so I kept going. I am glad that I did, it was a big confidence building run. I really believe that all the strength, mobilization and stretching work that I have done over the past month and half have made a difference and hopefully will pay the dividends that I am looking for.

However, I was a good boy and didn’t pick up the pace, worked on my form and maintained a comfortable pace, which was a really good thing.

Strava Pace Elevation 6-18-14
Strava Pace Elevation 6-18-14

The temps/humidity were climbing, so I was running more by effort than time. I was feeling a little too froggy on the way out and ran all the way down to the Gardiner Rail Trail head and had to contend with those conditions without any hydration with me. So I wasn’t totally ready for running 10.+ miles, but at that point, I had to get back to ACAR.  Continue reading “Double-Digit Surprise – RunLog 6-18-14”

Good 11.0 Miler – RunLog 4-25-14

What a gorgeous day! Mid 50’s winds out of the Northeast and I was heading South and bright sunshine. Just about perfect weather for running.

Wish I could run as fast as these two draft horses that the neighbor has
Wish I could run as fast as these two draft horses that the neighbor has

I had planned on doing 13 to 14 miles fairly easy, but with the weather and I felt pretty good, so I just ran according to how I was feeling.

Which turned out to be a lot faster than the 9:00 minute easy long run pace, that I originally thought I was going to do. Continue reading “Good 11.0 Miler – RunLog 4-25-14”

First 15.0 Miler in the Books This Year – RunLog 4-10-14

Yep, I did 15.12 miles today and I did them in the Brooks Launch. This was really my first run in these shoes, I don’t consider my 1+ mile yesterday a real good sign of how a pair of shoes will do. However, today’s 15.0 miler was a good way to find out how they would work, but more on that in a minute.

Ra-Course Map 4-10-14
Ra-Course Map 4-10-14

I picked a nice sunny day in the low 50’s to do this run, which sounds great, but there was one problem – The Freaking Wind. It was 10-15 mph steady and coming up out of the south – so of course guess which direction I was going – between 80 and 90% of the run was into the wind.

Which made this run a lot more miserable than it should have been, especially when I got into the wind tunnel areas and winds were in the 20-30 mph range. The absolute worst was going over the big bridge over the Kennebec, a couple of times I lost my breath because of the gusts.

So it was a windy run.

How did the Launch do? Continue reading “First 15.0 Miler in the Books This Year – RunLog 4-10-14”

Long Run in the Rain – RunLog 3-28-14

Yep it is raining
Yep it is raining

Rain, sweet merciful rain, well sort of merciful. Yes, it was raining, but it was still only 35F with a 10 mph headwind for most of the run = still cold and any other spring I would be whining about how cold it was – this year it felt warm. It depends upon your perspective.

The good thing was — no snow, it wasn’t single digits and I didn’t feel like the kid in a Christmas Story while I was outside running! I still wore hat, ear band, gloves and a windbreaker.

Good things are happening weather-wise and the 5 inches of ice in the driveway is grudgingly giving way to actually being able to see the crushed rock.

Not to bright!

I was dumb today and decided to do my May half marathon course into Augusta, why is it my May course? Well to be blunt – The River Road to Augusta has HILLS (not mountains) and lots of ’em. Continue reading “Long Run in the Rain – RunLog 3-28-14”

11.0 Done – RunLog 3-21-14

After taking yesterday off, because I was just toast, I almost, almost took today off too. This morning I was still feeling yechhhh and tired and when I stopped by TheWife’s work, I told her that I probably wouldn’t be running in today.

I was out doing errands (and a little new running shoe shopping), so by the time I got home, I wanted to get a run in. There is something about trying on new shoes that motivates you to want to run – more on that later.


Continue reading “11.0 Done – RunLog 3-21-14”

Nasty Long Run But Got It Done – RunLog 3-15-14

I wasn’t really sure about doing this run today, I was sore from Thursday’s snow removal fun and games, so I figured I would get down to Notta Road and then  make my decision. Continue reading “Nasty Long Run But Got It Done – RunLog 3-15-14”