Mid-Year Look Back 2014

Gratuitous photo of me, after picking up my 2nd place age group award. Thanks Brian for taking the photo
Thanks Brian for taking the photo

Yes, yet another runnah looking back at what happened since January 1st.

I didn’t win the lottery, land the job of my dreams (I already have that), win the Boston Marathon (but Meb did) or accomplish anything that set off the seismograph.

Nope, I basically had a pretty hum-drum first part of the year, even though I am sure that I will find plenty to write about.

So what has happened? Continue reading “Mid-Year Look Back 2014”

2012 Mid-Year Goal Review and Update

P6290011June was a month of reflection, change and decisions for me.

Only time will tell if they were the correct choices, but I am comfortable with the direction that we are going and the changes that TheWife and I have decided are right for us.

Running Goals

The year is half-way over and it is time to evaluate/re-evaluate my running goals from the start of the year. I have one goal in the mix that I am finding conflicts with the others and in the interests of staying healthy and being able to run for a long time, I need to change it. Continue reading “2012 Mid-Year Goal Review and Update”