August 2014 – What A Surprise

A much as July was a roller coaster — August was all about becoming consistent:

  • Carrying through on a decision made
  • Consistency
  • Running with Bennie

Favorite Photo from Augusta

Meb and Me 8-3-14
Meb and Me 8-3-14

Decision Made

When my Chiropractor basically told me back in June, he had done about as much as he could do for me and my hamstring. At that point I decided to stop playing running injury victim and started to just run during July and in August I just ran.

No, everything was not, is not 100% and in all likelihood never will be. I have accepted that in order for me to run, that there is going to be a certain amount of discomfort – so I just have to suck it up and smile.

The decision to just run was the right one and I am doing fine. Continue reading “August 2014 – What A Surprise”

July 2014 – What A Rollercoaster

July was a roller coaster — no doubt about it, but I am encouraged about the direction my running is going and here are some of the things that I want to focus on:

  • Carrying through on a decision made
  • Dodging a huge bullet
  • Running with Bennie
  • Slight Name Change Again

Favorite Photo from July

Dad, when are we going for a run?
When are we going for a run?

Decision Made

At the end of June, my Chiropractor basically told me he had done about as much as he could do for me and my hamstring.

At that point I decided to stop playing running injury victim. What – my hamstring was bad enough that I was willing to pay out-of-pocket for a Chiropractor? Yes, it was still sore, but strangely enough, as soon as I decided to move on from being an injured runner, to just being a runner again. It didn’t bother me as much?

It was as though a switch had been flipped — I started to move on and get back to just being a runner again. Did this mean the hamstring miraculously stopped hurting or effecting my running completely – no, but it meant that I stopped focusing on how it felt and how it was holding my running back. Instead I focused on improving my running.

The mind is a strange thing sometimes.

Dodging a Huge Bullet

Back on July 12th, I had a hay wagon run over my right foot (read about it here).

This is the fully-loaded trailer the day before,
This is the fully loaded trailer the day before,

Watching that tire run over my foot was scary, all I could think of was how long would I be injured this time. Luckily, it didn’t do the severe damage that I expected. Sure my foot was SORE and bruised, but I was able to keep walking on it and only felt that I took a week off to make sure that I didn’t make things worse.

While I am back to running over 30 miles a week again, my foot is still a little sore at times, so I am being a cautious/conservative on those days when it is, until all the soreness is gone.

Running With Bennie

Bennie and I are becoming best running buddies, he enjoys our morning romps, he is my extra speedwork or is that strides workouts, the pace is usually not all that even, faster, slower and some strength training – when he decided it is time to go after some critters that are down back.

It is a LOT of fun running with him and no these are not crap miles, that I use to “pad” my weekly mileage totals. If you think that come on over and run a couple of miles with us 🙂 , it will change your mind .

Slight Blog Name Change

I went ahead and changed the name of my blog to Aging Runnah. You can read the reasons here. It has a lot to do with accurately describing what I write about here and not having a negative perspective/vibe on my running and life.


The good news is that I was able to run over 100 miles and since I made the decision to just run, my running has gotten better and I am starting to feel like I am getting back in shape.

July Summary

Strava Monthly Summary July 2014
Strava Monthly Summary July 2014

Not too shabby considering how close I came to having a pretty significant injury and taking 8 days off in a row to make sure my foot was okay. I am running by feel versus any plan for a while. That way I do not feel pressured to do a certain workout or mileage, while I am making sure that the foot continues to improve.

However, I have had an amazing run/workouts this week that make me feel hopeful about my running going forward.

Strava Weekly July Summary 2014
Strava Weekly July Summary 2014

I am going to start the Kinetic Revolution’s 6 week program to improve my running on Monday. I like the different exercises/routines that he has and I think that adding those to my running over the next month or so, will make me a better runner.


This month was dominated by what happened or better what didn’t happen to my foot when it got run over by the hay wagon. The hamstring is still not 100%, but it is not the focus that it was in May and June. I am moving on.

If you are interested in all the different injuries I have had over the years, you can read about them here, I know that once I put the list together, I was shocked by the number of things that I have done to myself.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are not the answer to my injuries, but they can make a difference in how you run. Although I have a bunch of shoes listed below, I pretty much have gotten my rotation down to:

  • Skechers GoRun Ride 2’s – Long runs and recovery runs
  • Skechers GoMeb 2’s – Track, treadmill and road speedwork sessions
  • Pearl Izumi Peak II’s – For running downback with Bennie and on easy trail runs.
  • Skechers GoBionic Trail – Trail racing, if I ever get around to doing one again.
  • Pearl Izumi N2 Roads – My walking shoes – no running.
Strava Running Shoes List 7-31-14
Strava Running Shoes List 7-31-14


I have put away my Brooks Launch and Green Silence for a while – at least until my hamstring is fully healed and then see if I can add them back into the rotation. The Energy and GoRun2’s are sitting in my gym locker as just in case shoes, the N1 Trails are gone and N2 Road CY will probably be added to the long run/recovery day rotation, when I start adding more miles to my weekly totals or the GRR2’s start getting more miles on them and the GR4’s or other Skechers trainer that are due to be released in November.


None – I was starting to get ready to start again, but decided not to after the hay wagon incident, just to make sure that I don’t push it too hard and do something stupid. Although I really wanted to do the 5K in Belgrade last weekend and Bond Brook last night – the foot is still sore enough after a tough workout to be conservative for a while longer.

The reality is that

I am actually pretty happy with where my running is, compared to where it was a few weeks ago. I know that I am very lucky to even be running now, after that hay wagon ran over my foot. It could have been months of not running and a painful rehab, if my foot had been crushed just a little more. So I really appreciate my running now and do not take it for granted.

I want to thank everyone in my online and local running community who have supported me through the past few months and my ups and downs that has been the story of my running lately. You have shown me how important having supportive people around me is to helping me get through some of the tough points I have had  lately.

May 2014 Sucked – Month in Review

The tools of torture or is that rehab
The tools of torture or is that rehab

May – to put it bluntly – sucked!!!

There is no other way to describe my running in May 2014.

On April 30th, I started to do a speed workout on the last really cold day of the year (in shorts) and within 30 seconds of the faster running, I tweaked my left Hamstring. Then about half-way through May, the hamstring was beginning to feel good, I was working outside and like a dummy, jumped off the tailgate of my truck, re-injured the hamstring and haven’t run worth a damn since.

At least I have been mostly smart about rehabbing it, even going so far as seeing a Chiropractor, not running in the Stride Into Summer 5K or Miles for Mills 5K races and resting the hamstring for the most part or as much as I could and still have a life.

So the actual running ended up being just over 60 miles for May. Which is a mile more than I ran in May last year, so I guess it is progress and instead of ending May with a major injury, I am ending it with my injury just about healed and hopefully, I will be running a lot in June this year. Continue reading “May 2014 Sucked – Month in Review”

April 2014 – A Month of Change

April was not a good month weather-wise or for my running, it still has been cold and nasty.

One in Five 5K Cropped Photo 4-13-14
One in Five 5K – Yes still in Gloves and long sleeve top

So it was cold and nasty – that is just part of living in Maine and just something that I can whine about.

However, as the result of my experiences in April I also made a lot of major changes to my running: Continue reading “April 2014 – A Month of Change”

March 2014 – Glad it is OVER

The cold, long winter finally got to me during the middle of of March.

4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14
4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14

Yeah – me that guy that loves to run, had to force myself to go outside to run. I had “run” directly into the dreaded winter running funk.

The cold, nasty weather just sucked the will to run, you know that mojo thing, right out of me. Even though I sort of kept running, finally I resorted to retail therapy to snap myself out of the funk that I was in. There is something about researching, shopping, then getting a new pair of running shoes that motivates me to run more and which in turn hauled my ass out of the funk that I was getting in. Continue reading “March 2014 – Glad it is OVER”

February 2014 – Yet Another Cold One

I wish that I was tipping a cold one in honor of the great things that I did in February 2014 or that spring has sprung, unfortunately that is the wrong interpretation of “cold one”.

February is a repeat of  what I used as my opening from last month’ review – January  2014 in a word: COLD!!!!

The Polar Vortex still has us in its grasp.

Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14
Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14

In other words it is still freaking cold as hell for most of February.

Okay, okay winter is not over until March 21st, so we can expect cold, snow and nasty weather until April up heah in Maine, but it doesn’t mean that I am not tired and fed up with the bitter cold this winter has brought us. Heating budget and outdoor mileage have suffered enough already. Continue reading “February 2014 – Yet Another Cold One”

January 2014 – It is Freaking Over

January  2014 in a word: COLD!!!!

Cold can be beautiful, but it is still cold!
Cold can be beautiful, but it is still cold!

Freaking cold as hell for most of it.

I know, I know, I choose to live in Maine and understand that wintahs tend to be a bit chilly up heah. However, even though the weather gurus, ninjas, experts, so-called forecasters, etc. you know those guys and gals on TV with the coiffed hair, plastic smiles with that gleam in their eyes, when they are prattling on and on about all the different weather events we are having in orgasmic ecstasy. Especially, when it is nasty weather which make driving, much less running miserable, can go pound sand.

Continue reading “January 2014 – It is Freaking Over”

November 2013 – Time to Begin Agin

Marathon Training Guide 2014 pg 1
Marathon Training Guide 2014 pg 1

November was my begin agin month.

I started my pre-marathon training and am using the program/modules developed by Greg McMillan in You (Only Faster). This month was all about doing something that I have never really done correctly – establish my mileage base.

The last 2 weeks have been over 50 miles each and the part that is/was difficult for me, was that I didn’t try to do speedwork at the same time I was trying to “up” my mileage.

Yes, I admit that I did a few miles a little quicker than my 8:06 to 9:08 planned range, but the majority of my runs since I started this training plan have been within those paces.

Going slower is allowing my body to adapt to the higher mileage and more time on my feet. It is hard for me to not go “slower”, but I can’t argue with the results and it is working.

My Skecher GoRun Ride 2’s have over 400 miles on them and I really needed to rotate in another pair of running shoes and thought that the GoRun Ride 3’s would be the natural progression. Unfortunately, while Skechers did make several improvements to the 3’s that I liked, they made a couple of changes that I just couldn’t get around. Continue reading “November 2013 – Time to Begin Agin”

October 2013 – The Funk is Over

Yes I have been doing a little of this
Yes I have been doing a little of this

October was an “Interesting” month for me, I did more running than I have since April, so my recovery is going well, but it was also very bittersweet.

As I said in my Dreams – What Happen When They Die post, not being able to run the Marine Corps Marathon last week was tough for me.

Also, I chose not to go to the Runner’s World this year for a bunch of different reasons, but definitely missed seeing everyone and am planning to go next year.

It was the disappointment factor and my perception of body’s betrayal, that put me in a bad head-space, TheWife needed to set me straight and she did – in other words I had a reality check and it is time to get back to being “normal” me – whatever that is :-).

Now to pick out a few new goals, start looking at my proposed 2014 racing schedule and go from there. Continue reading “October 2013 – The Funk is Over”

September = Slowing Down and Looking Back

Downback 9-28-13
Downback 9-28-13

September was a month to slow-down, stop – take stock of where I am and really think about where I am going.

Social Media/Blogging

I have pretty much started over and haven’t really been all that consistent writing posts this month. I have written very few general interest posts and have focused more on writing about my daily running. It seems that I have taken a bit of a social media and blog writing vacation.

Which looking back, I believe that I probably needed one pretty badly after writing pretty much daily and being so active on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ for over 2 years.

During October I plan to start writing and jumping back into social media a little more, but then again, if I need another month off, I plan to do it. After all, it is no longer my “job” to be super involved in social media, I have other priorities now.

Last month I wrote what I thought would change the most and I want to see if I was correct or not: Continue reading “September = Slowing Down and Looking Back”