Good Day and I Was Bad – PMT 5-30-18

What a gorgeous day outside – of those top 10 days that we never have enough of. Right around 70*F, bright sunshine, low humidity and just hint of a breeze. Nice!

However, I am really attempting to baby the hamstring by doing most of my “run” on the elliptical and then immediately doing the last part out on the road, so I don’t over do things. Which I would never do, ummmphhh yeah right.

So I did 8.0 miles on the elliptical, which with my running equivalent is 4.0 miles, so I need to do a couple more outside to get to my planned 6.0 miles for the day.

This was the part of the work-out that I really enjoyed. Like I said the weather was gorgeous. I purposely am going slower than I normally do and working on activating the glutes and relaxing the hamstrings when I am running. Which is tough, like too many runners I tend to use my quads and hamstrings too much and not enough of the biggest muscle in the body my arse. 🙂 alias the glutes.

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