I Almost Bought One of My Unicorn Shoes

I did have to stop at Fleet Feet Sports to check out some of the newer shoes while we were in Portland yesterday and what do I see when I walk in the the door, one of my Unicorn Shoes:

Nike Vapor Fly 4%

Sitting on a table as I walk through the door…they had size 8.5 sitting out on top of the boxes, just SCREAMING — “BUY ME!!!”

They were just a shoe that screamed let me run fast. Continue reading “I Almost Bought One of My Unicorn Shoes”

Nike Rival 6 – 50 Mile Review

This is the story of a pair of running shoes that deserve more run time from me than they have gotten. The Nike Rival 6s are shoe that I run very well in (a 22:33 treadmill 5K today) and don’t have anything really bad to say about them other than they are fugly when you look down at them in my opinion.

The truth of it is that their place in my running shoe rotation was taken over by the shoes that are more than likely going to be my running shoe of the year and probably one of the best pair of running shoes that I have ever run in over the 40 plus years I have been a runner.

It was just bad timing for the Rival 6s. Continue reading “Nike Rival 6 – 50 Mile Review”

Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – 50 Plus Mile Review

Now this review is just for continuity purposes, since the Pegasus 35 and Turbo models have already been released. I have a feeling that not too many people are going to be very interested in reading about a model that was released two models ago. 🙂

If you are – read on.

I got these at our local Mardens (a close out store) earlier this summer when I was wandering around in there and couldn’t resist the price point they were at. I certainly didn’t need them at the time, although the Shield technology intrigued me as well.

After almost 80 miles in the Nike Pegusus 33 Shield model, they have been the pleasant surprise of the summer for me. Continue reading “Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – 50 Plus Mile Review”

First Run Nike Speed Rival 6 – RunLog 7-15-18

Another pair of new to me shoes, this time courtesy of eBay for a price I couldn’t resist. Did I really need a pair of race day shoes? Ummmm actually yeah.

While I love the Green Silence and have been using for that purpose, I can feel that they are a bit long in the tooth and don’t have the “pop” that my newer shoes have. While I don’t have that many miles on them, the midsole does feel pretty lifeless and I need every little edge I can get. So I had been sort of looking at what would be a nice race day shoe for me going forward.

Since I don’t see a pair of Nike Vapor Fly 4% in my rotation anytime soon, I needed to find something else.

I had read some pretty good reviews of about the Speed Rival 6’s and that they had a wider forefoot, which is unusual in a “racing” shoe. While I hadn’t purposely been looking specifically for them, when I was wandering around eBay last week and came on these. I figured why not put in a minimum bid and see what happened. Especially, since the seller said they had only about 5 miles on them.

I won.

When I got them in, they looked like new and only weighed 7.0 ounces.

Walking around in them the heel felt a little loose and I knew that I was going to have to play with the lacing to get the right feel with them. Also I will be honest, for a pair of Nikes (a company that prides itself on the great looks of its shoes), when I look down at them – they just look fugly. They look like some of the vintage shoes from the 70’s or 80’s with how the toe comes to a point from both sides, which is not always a good thing. Continue reading “First Run Nike Speed Rival 6 – RunLog 7-15-18”

Quarry Road Exploration – RunLog 6-29-18

Well I am back to just writing a RunLog versus a marathon training log and you know something, after sleeping on it – it was the only choice that I really had to keep moving forward.

Things are looking up, I signed up for the Friends of the 4th 5K over in Winthrop tonight and am thinking about other races that I would not be doing if I had continued with my marathon training.

So I do think some good will come out of it. I might just race a little more.

Continue reading “Quarry Road Exploration – RunLog 6-29-18”

Kipchoge and Nike Did Good

I waited a couple of days to sort out my thoughts on Nike’s #breakingtwo and what Eliud Kipchoge accomplished on Friday/Saturday morning. I also waited for most of the hue and cry to fade away, otherwise my two cents would just be added noise to the already unhealthy decibel levels.

No, I didn’t stay up to watch the event, I had thought about it and decided that while it would nice to watch live a potentially historic moment in running, the call of the pit monster was too strong.

I slept soundly and well through #breakingtwo attempt.

Plus I figured that I would get to read and hear all about whatever happened on Facebook and other blogs the next morning. Yep, the hue and cry was deafening and from what I could see almost everyone was singing their praises to Eliud Kipchoge effort and for running the World’s fastest known Marathon distance at 2:00:25.  Continue reading “Kipchoge and Nike Did Good”

First Run Nike Vomero 11 – RunLog 4-29-17

Another new pair of shoes. Yeah, I was down to 2 pair of shoes I could wear comfortably for running, walking and work and I needed another pair. The 860 v5s & v6s caused my PF to bark way too much and the 880 v2s, well let’s just say they didn’t hold up too (there was a reason they were still around on the discount rack.

While I am liking my Saucony Guide 9’s, for a EE width shoe they are still a little too narrow for my Hobbit like feet. This was narrowing my choices down to Brooks, Mizuno or Nike’s EE width. Since Brooks never seem to fit quite right and Mizuno’s while they do okay, I never am totally happy running in them.


Which left Nike, the company that I have probably run in more shoes, than any other brand out there. I was concerned because the last time I tried on Nike Pegasus 33 and a couple of other styles, I had to size up to 9.5 or 10.0 to get the width needed to get them on my feet comfortably. Which left a sizable overhang on the toes.

Running Warehouse had a nice sale on Nike Vomero 11 in 8.0 EE and when you added in Sam’s RTR 10% off kicker, it was a reasonable price to experiment with a Nike wide and of the EE offerings the Vomero is the one that seemed to meet what I was looking for this time the most. Comfortable, cushioned and a nice riding shoe for longer runs. Continue reading “First Run Nike Vomero 11 – RunLog 4-29-17”

8.0 Miles Done and a Form Video 7/18/12


Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter Jenni today.

Three days in a row of no GPS while running, I went a little longer today, which meant that I had my Nathan hydration belt on, so I carried my flip phone and camera along.

Kind of glad that I did, you get to see the salamander I rescued crossing the road.

I originally ran by it and got about 30 yards down the road and began to wonder if it would get squashed by traffic, so I went back and put it over where it would be safe from traffic – I did make sure that it was in the same direction it was going. I just got to feeling a little guilty after I passed it and had to go back.

Guess I am turning into too much of a softie Smile.

Actually I am beginning to get used to the no GPS and having to go more by “feel”, because I don’t bother to look at my watch too often and I am running a little more focused on the run, not on what the technology is or isn’t doing.

Would’ve been even faster if I didn’t turn around play with the salamander, but it was the right thing to do – glad I did it.

Faster Running

On the run I did 6 strides for at least 2-3 telephone poles (at least 100 yards), not sure of how fast they were, but definitely were a lot faster than I usually go. The first 4 felt pretty good, but the last couple my body had decided that running this fast on an 8.0 mile run, when it was in the low 80’s and humid, wasn’t the smartest thing the brain had dreamed up and ensured that I slowed down to a more comfortable pace for those two. It was still a lot faster than I usually go, so it was okay.

Definitely need to re-learn how to run fast, it feels so foreign to me to do it now.

Even coming back up my nemesis (Stephen’s Hill), I did okay. When I got back up on top, I kicked it up a notch and did the last mile and half pretty quick for me. Overall, this was the fastest I have run this course and felt pretty good about it when I finished.  As hard as I worked, I didn’t feel too bad after it was all done.

Form Work

I continued to work on my form, but when I took the video in the driveway, I don’t like the way my left leg/foot is turning out – still. It isn’t causing any problems right now, but…it just doesn’t look right to me.

I apologize for the quality of the video, but it gives an idea of what I am talking about.

So I still have a lot of work to do on my form. One of these days when I get rich, will have to go to get a good analysis and then work on tweaking on things I can do to improve it.

Nike Free 4.0

The knees and hips were a little achy after the run and that usually means it is about time to look at retiring the Free 4.0’s after over 300 miles, which is too bad, because they they have been an awesome shoe for me the past couple of months.

Now to figure out if I want to get another pair of them or do I want try something different?

Hmmm I don’t know yet, but maybe I will visit a running store or two while out there to see how a lot of different models fit and if I fall in love with a pair, well we will see Winking smile.

RunLog 7-18-12

Highest 3 day total in a long time, but I wanted to build up a little cushion, so that if I miss some running time while I am in Minnesota, I still will have had a pretty great week Smile.

Tough 17.0 Miler in the Heat 7-16-12

P7160023Today I ran without a GPS device for the first time in a long time and it was a good thing, I felt pretty good running “naked” (except for my watch, phone, and clothes Winking smile.

In this heat with the chance of t-storms I wanted my phone available, I like to take pictures and not too many people are going to want see me without my clothes on. No I don’t have the physique of Adonis, I have the physique of an almost 55 year old runnah.

Originally I was going to run from Home to Gardiner via the Augusta Rail Trail, but the Beaner was still a bit under the weather, so we decided that I would do my long run here in Sidney.

Which means that at the end of the run, I get to go up 2 pretty tough hills and that little middle bump!  Just what I want to do after 14-15 miles of running  in 80 degree heat  with another 2-3 left to go – yep that is where the hills are on this course at the end – YECH!!!!   Smile with tongue out

These last two hills made the course rather challenging, not because they are that bad of hills, but where they are at the end of the run.

Elevation for 7-16-12 Run

So I did a 17.0 Mile run today! I used both Google and Bing to double-check how far the course was, one said 16.9 and the other said 17.08, so I just called it 17.0 – close enough for my purposes.

Oh yeah – by the time I got going it was already 78 in the shade according to the thermometer and when I got back around noon, it was 87, so it definitely was a hot run!


During the run, I wasn’t worried about pace or anything and the only info that I had was my watch and where I was. I wasn’t trying to maintain a certain pace, all I wanted to do was complete the course and get back to the house.

I did run slow mostly between 9:00 and 10:00 minute pace and did really well until I got to about the 2:20:00 mark around the Bacon Farm (where I took my last Gel Shot) . I started to really feel the heat, by the time I got to mile 14, I was bonking pretty hard, going up Bartlett Hill, I definitely did some walking and then again when I went up Stephens Hill – I just didn’t have anything left when I finished this run.





I had been reading on a blog that it was possible that on hot days that because so many of us are wearing tech shirts that wick away moisture that it negatively affects our runs. I wanted see what would happen, so I wore an old cotton shirt on my hot long run.

Interestingly, I did feel a bit cooler with the sweat soaked shirt than I did last week with my tech shirt, but the negatives of the extra weight and discomfort around the nipples (I forgot to tape them), probably outweighed the cooling affect for me. This was very unscientific and ultimately, the heat still got me in the end.

Overall,while  it wasn’t my toughest run of the year, it was my longest and I walked for the first time this year on a run. I just thought in this heat it was better to go slow or walk a little than to try to be a hero and push myself to run with a survival shuffle those last 3.0 miles or so.

My left knee started to bother me around mile 8 during the run, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t run a marathon this year, because of it, but around mile 12 it seemed to work itself out and didn’t bother the rest of the run and isn’t hurting at all (other being a little stiff, which is to be expected after 17.0 miles), so I will try a couple more longer runs to see how it goes before I decide one way or another.

RunLog 7-16-12

No I am not a completely narcissistic about having to take my photo while running. I am doing for the benefit of those wonderful people who “wonder” if I might be a fantasy runnah. To those of you who believe that, I hope you enjoy the pics of this handsome face Winking smile.

BTW I ran the entire way in my Nike Free Runs +3 shoes and changing the lacing pattern really made a difference today. My right foot/pinky didn’t bother at all! I think I might have found the solution to running longer in these shoes. Still not crazy that I feel as though I heel strike more in them. Gotta keep working on my form, but it is funny how something as simple as changing the lacing pattern can make a huge difference in how a pair of shoes feel when running.

Hilly 5.0 and Feeling GREAT 5-25-12

Today was supposed to be an easy 3-4 miles or be off.

Instead I just ran a how I felt 5 instead on my hilly course and did a decent 8:30 pace, so I was happy with the run.

The Nike Free 4.0 v2 are doing great and I am enjoying running in them quite a bit. I have 35+ miles on them already and am on course to have 50 miles on these shoes either Sunday (if I decide to go for 50 this week – just to do it) or by Tuesday which is very fast for me. So my 50 mile review of them will be done next week, I really better start thinking about what I am going to say, besides I Love them!