WOW! Fantastic Customer Service

Yesterday, we went to Berlin, New Hampshire for TheWife’s Hawkinson (and all the other 100 or so other ways you can spell the name) – family reunion.

We had a GREAT time, got to see a lot of Mary’s relatives and had some good conversations.

We had talked about going over to North Conway earlier in the day, so I could go to the Pearl Izumi Outlet Store if we had time. After it was over and we were ready to head back to Maine at about 4:00 PM. So we checked to see what time they closed (7:00 PM), the wonders of being able to access the Internet while on the road and drove over to North Conway from Berlin.

By the way avoid going to North Conway during peak hours – traffic sucked, it was backed up almost to the Mt. Washington overlook and took about 40 minutes to get from there to the PI store – about 3-4 miles.

I have two brands of shoes that I really have liked a lot this year, Skechers and Pearl Izumi. I run well in both Brand’s and I love PI’s clothing lines, so the trip to the Outlet store was for a couple of reasons.

  • Even though I asked questions/complained about the issue/concerns with my N1 Trails on social media sites and wrote about it on  my blog, I never got any response from Pearl Izumi (shows how popular my blog is 😉 ) and no one who read my blog or on my running shoe group seemed to have a big problem with grit getting inside of the shoes. I needed to know if the issue I had with the N1’s – was just me.
  • See if they had any great deals on running stuff.

Enough of the prelude.

Pearl Izumi Outlet Store, North Conway

Pearl Izumi Outlet Store - North Conway, NH
Pearl Izumi Outlet Store – North Conway, NH

When we got there, we were helped by Dan B. and I told him the problems I was having with grit and stuff getting in through the gap between the tongue and the upper (yeah, I know that all shoes let in a certain amount of stuff, but the amounts I was getting in was excessive and uncomfortable).  I just wanted to look at the N1 Trails they had in stock, to see if they were made the same as my shoes or not and look around at the clothing. Continue reading “WOW! Fantastic Customer Service”

Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14

Bennie with a Doggie Smile
Bennie with a Doggie Smile

What are you talking about Harold?

I admit it, I probably did a little too much today, not enough to hurt anything, but enough to have my hammie feel a little more sore than it has.

What to hell did you do that for?

Well that is the story, I guess.

This morning I did my usual Mobilization, some stretching, the Kenetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge exercises and then it was time to do Bennie’s long walk. Well yesterday, I got this GREAT or GRAND idea to start running a mile a day with him (cheap extra mileage and good for him).

So we did a little over a mile this morning, we both felt pretty good, my arm wasn’t completely ripped out its socket as I attempted to be his anchor and I wasn’t whipped into the ditch suddenly, as he decided to dart off on the trail of some critter. We stopped for a car that was flying by on the dirt road and walked up to the tar section on Blake.

This was about a half mile and gave him time to re-load from the puddles and do his duties. Continue reading “Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14”

April 2014 – A Month of Change

April was not a good month weather-wise or for my running, it still has been cold and nasty.

One in Five 5K Cropped Photo 4-13-14
One in Five 5K – Yes still in Gloves and long sleeve top

So it was cold and nasty – that is just part of living in Maine and just something that I can whine about.

However, as the result of my experiences in April I also made a lot of major changes to my running: Continue reading “April 2014 – A Month of Change”

March 2014 – Glad it is OVER

The cold, long winter finally got to me during the middle of of March.

4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14
4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14

Yeah – me that guy that loves to run, had to force myself to go outside to run. I had “run” directly into the dreaded winter running funk.

The cold, nasty weather just sucked the will to run, you know that mojo thing, right out of me. Even though I sort of kept running, finally I resorted to retail therapy to snap myself out of the funk that I was in. There is something about researching, shopping, then getting a new pair of running shoes that motivates me to run more and which in turn hauled my ass out of the funk that I was getting in. Continue reading “March 2014 – Glad it is OVER”

Week In Review – 3/16/14

This week started out like it was going to be one of those weeks where I would be lucky to get in 20 miles, because I started out with 2 consecutive days of no running and I didn’t have any inclination to get off my ass and out the door. However, I had been doing a lot of research on what I wanted for a pair of running shoes to add to my shoe ration and on Tuesday did some retail running shoe therapy (see post) and finally got my head on right. I started running more consistently as the week went on and as the weather improved it seemed to get me out of my funk.


The weather is slowly improving, notice I said slowly, it was still pretty damn chilly at the start of the week.

CMS Group Run 3-26-14
CMS Group Run 3-26-14

I did make it back to my first Central Maine Striders Group Run in a long time and had a lot of fun. I didn’t realize how much fun running with the group was and how much I missed it. However, I will be glad when we can do it in shorts and t-shirt weather.

It was a good week and I am starting to get my mojo back for running – that the long winter seemed to have sapped away over the last couple of weeks. Continue reading “Week In Review – 3/16/14”

A Tough Couple of Days – RunLog 3-19 and 3-20

IMG_20140319_121124_439Wednesday and Thursday were a whirlwind and a blur.

Dad had cataract surgery on Wednesday and then had to go back Thursday for follow-up to make sure that everything was okay. I was doing the driving and the subsequent hurry-up and waiting, while the dad and doc did what they needed to do.

It meant spending the night up at his place, so my routine was thrown way off and yes I have become a creature of my routine.

Which also meant no internet and spotty phone service.

It was a nice break from those things and I got to spend some time up north with dad and see two of my sisters. Continue reading “A Tough Couple of Days – RunLog 3-19 and 3-20”

Nasty Long Run But Got It Done – RunLog 3-15-14

I wasn’t really sure about doing this run today, I was sore from Thursday’s snow removal fun and games, so I figured I would get down to Notta Road and then  make my decision. Continue reading “Nasty Long Run But Got It Done – RunLog 3-15-14”

Done Before the Storm – RunLog 3-12-14

4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14
4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14

I am getting caught up after the snow storm from Wednesday/Thursday!

Yes, I ran both days, one run before the storm outside and two treadmill runs, so the storm didn’t stop me from getting some miles in, but it was still a pain in the butt storm.


Day off. Semi-scheduled, it seems that Tuesdays are working better as a day off then Saturdays.


Two runs – yeah two of them back-to-back. I wanted to get 7-8 miles in and I had to go up to Waterville anyway, so I went ahead and stopped at Champions a little earlier than usual (No Central Maine Striders nooner Group Run due to the storm). The storm hadn’t gotten going when I got there and I knew that the treadmill was going to be in my future for a while. So I planned to do the 8.0 mile loop course from Champions.

One problem I forgot something to cover my ears and by the time I got to the first mile, I knew there was no way I was going to do 7.0 more and not freeze my ears off. It was 32F,so it was just cold enough that I didn’t want to deal with that. Continue reading “Done Before the Storm – RunLog 3-12-14”

Change of Plans = 10.0 Miles Done – RunLog 3-10-14

IMG_20140310_152812_984 Some days are just tough.

Today was my planned tough speedwork on the treadmill, but it was beautiful outside (sunny and in the 30’s) and I really wanted to run outside. However, I had things I had to do in Waterville and decided to just go do my treadmill workout.

I got in the locker room, undressed and quickly found out that I didn’t have my shorts and the spares were not in my locker??? Which meant there was no way in hell I was going to do intervals on the treadmill in my compression shorts.

I am not a prude, proud or anything, but I have come class and not all of it is low. Me wearing compression shorts to workout in, would be like wearing Speedos at the beach – something I ain’t doing.

Yes I was a little frustrated with myself, but sometimes things happen for a reason.

So I left. I could have gone over to Olympia Sports and bought a pair of running shorts, but at $40 bucks, I couldn’t justify it to myself, even though TheWife said you should have just gone ahead and bought them.

Oh well.

Continue reading “Change of Plans = 10.0 Miles Done – RunLog 3-10-14”

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail Running Shoes – 200 Mile Review

In my 50 mile review of the Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail Running Shoes, I gushed about how great they were:

That being said, of all the running shoes that I have run in over the past 10 years, make that 20 years, hell maybe forever, if I had to pick and use/own just one pair of running shoe (no specialty shoes) to do roads, trails, speed work, winter running, or even race – The Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails are the running shoes that I would choose – period.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails
Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails at 200 miles.

Bold praise indeed for a pair of shoes, that I had only run 50 miles in, especially since I have run since the 1970’s and have run in a few pair of running shoes.

So how did the next 150 miles go? Continue reading “Pearl Izumi N1 Trail Running Shoes – 200 Mile Review”