April 2014 – A Month of Change

April was not a good month weather-wise or for my running, it still has been cold and nasty.

One in Five 5K Cropped Photo 4-13-14
One in Five 5K – Yes still in Gloves and long sleeve top

So it was cold and nasty – that is just part of living in Maine and just something that I can whine about.

However, as the result of my experiences in April I also made a lot of major changes to my running: Continue reading “April 2014 – A Month of Change”

Runnin in the Rain – RunLog 4-26-14

I got a late start on my run and as a result I got to run in the rain.

Now running in the rain doesn’t usually bother me, but when it is 42F degrees and raining that makes things a LOT less fun, than running in a nice summer rain.

Weather 4-26-14

This rain also meant that running through downback was probably going to be muddy (luckily it wasn’t too bad).

I had planned on an easy recovery run, after yesterday’s tougher long run, my legs were tired and my hamstrings were a little tight, so I planned on 4-5 miles at around a 9:00 minute pace. How did I do? Continue reading “Runnin in the Rain – RunLog 4-26-14”

85th Patriot’s Day 5.0 Miler Race Results

Congratulations to all the runners that ran at Boston today and all the runners who ran in Portland too.

Okay, there are a bunch of conflicting thoughts running around through my noggin now about today’s – Patriot’s Day 5.0 Miler race.

Patriots Day 5 Miler Finish - 4-21-14
Patriots Day 5 Miler Finish – 4-21-14, photo by Phil Dionne

Great Race – Loved the race organization, lots support from the city of Portland, fantastic volunteers and the course, which was fast but fair. These things along with gorgeous weather (just a little breezy), made it so it was going to be a good day for a race.

I enjoyed was the company of my brother-in-law Phil, who came along for the ride and even took a few photos during the race.

While I am happy that I finished, I still have this huge sense of disappointment about how I did. Continue reading “85th Patriot’s Day 5.0 Miler Race Results”

Not a Patient Runner – RunLog 4-18-14

As you can see from the title, I admit it, I am not all that patient! Others probably would add – not to smaht either.

Especially when it comes to whether I can run or simply suck it up and just freaking run though whatever is going on with my body.

Back on Monday, my right knee really barked pretty loudly at me and when I ran on Tuesday, I knew that it was time to take at least a couple of days off.

My body was telling me enough was enough.

I have a feeling that trying out 3 different running shoe styles over the past few weeks, all the 30-40 mile weeks I have put in this year and trying to run a little faster lately had given me a good case of dead legs and the beginnings of an injury if I didn’t smarten up.  I think that the dead legs during Sunday’s race were a real good clue that I needed some down time and when I didn’t listen all that well on Monday and started to run a little too fast on my recovery run.

Well this old body had enough of me ignoring subtle suggestions to stop and smell the roses once in a while and said – “Okay asshole if you can’t take a hint, maybe I need to be more direct!” and proceeded to pretty much stop me in my tracks and made running rather uncomfortable – err let’s call it like it is – painful.

So the body finally got my attention and I listened and haven’t run for 2 whole days – now let me tell you not running for two days was tough!!!! Continue reading “Not a Patient Runner – RunLog 4-18-14”

55 and Gorgeous Out – RunLog 4-7-14

What a gorgeous day!

RA - Course Map 4-7-14
RA – Course Map 4-7-14

It was simply too beautiful outside, to be stuck on a treadmill doing my workout, even if I desperately need the race pace training – speed work.

This course is a honest course that has hills, downhills and flats, so it gives nice variety and doesn’t just let you get into a grove and go.

I decided to run in my Pearl Izumi N2 Roads, because I just wanted a run, where I run instead of worrying about whether the insert is working right, do I have the correct socks on and all the other stuff that when I am attempting to dial in a new pair of running shoes that haven’t quite worked for me on previous runs. I know the PI’s and “know” that I can run in them without too many issues.

Which is exactly what they did. Continue reading “55 and Gorgeous Out – RunLog 4-7-14”

March 2014 – Glad it is OVER

The cold, long winter finally got to me during the middle of of March.

4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14
4:00 PM Bennie walk on 3-12-14

Yeah – me that guy that loves to run, had to force myself to go outside to run. I had “run” directly into the dreaded winter running funk.

The cold, nasty weather just sucked the will to run, you know that mojo thing, right out of me. Even though I sort of kept running, finally I resorted to retail therapy to snap myself out of the funk that I was in. There is something about researching, shopping, then getting a new pair of running shoes that motivates me to run more and which in turn hauled my ass out of the funk that I was getting in. Continue reading “March 2014 – Glad it is OVER”

11.0 Done – RunLog 3-21-14

After taking yesterday off, because I was just toast, I almost, almost took today off too. This morning I was still feeling yechhhh and tired and when I stopped by TheWife’s work, I told her that I probably wouldn’t be running in today.

I was out doing errands (and a little new running shoe shopping), so by the time I got home, I wanted to get a run in. There is something about trying on new shoes that motivates you to want to run – more on that later.


Continue reading “11.0 Done – RunLog 3-21-14”

Tough Treadmill Speedwork Session – RunLog 3-17-14

Have you ever had a workout where you started out with one in mind and by the end of the workout, you ended up doing something completely different?

That is definitely what I did today.

Part 1

RA Stats.3
RA Stats.3

Continue reading “Tough Treadmill Speedwork Session – RunLog 3-17-14”

Simplifying and another Treadmill Run – RunLog 3-14-14

IMG_20140314_102443_683It seems that my evenings are too busy to get my RunLog post written the same day that I do them.

Which meant that I have too many distractions, so last night:


  • I went through my Feedly reading list, deleted almost 100 RSS feeds (now I only have 109 left and will be going through it again next week to pare it down to under 70 or so),
  • edited my Facebook friends and groups list and got rid of a bunch more and
  • I have been working on my Twitter lists to pare that down a lot too.
  • I have basically stopped using Google+ for all that much, I go there from time-to-time, but more for my photo storage than anything.
  • Now to stop playing NeverWinter Nights II quite so much-yeah an old RPG game that I just like to play.


Simplify, simplify, simplify – seriously thinking about dumping the smart phone and going back to the old flip phone. This being connected 24/7 is another part my life that is overly complicated. Thinking seriously about this one for my own peace of mind.

Running outside yesterday just was not a consideration, it wasn’t because I couldn’t or didn’t care about getting soaked, because that really doesn’t bother me. It was more about safety.

After the big storm Thursday, it left lots of snow, ice, wet, puddles, etc. in the road, the sidewalks unwalkable and the road shoulder treacherous. When I drove into Waterville, it was not fun and I left the Cherokee in 4WD whenever I wasn’t on the Interstate.

Which meant that it wasn’t safe to run on the roads – so another treadmill run. Continue reading “Simplifying and another Treadmill Run – RunLog 3-14-14”

Got My Run in Despite the Storm – RunLog 3-13-14

Driving home after the gym 3-13-14
Driving home after the gym 3-13-14 – Glad I had 4WD

Yesterday’s storm didn’t stop me from getting a run in. No it wasn’t outside – that was just too unsafe.

We had snow, freezing rain, rain, snow, cold (13F & wind chills) along with 8-12 inches of snow, so the roads had a icy glaze under them, which made walking in my boots with screws in the bottom – still pretty treacherous.

This storm, was probably the hardest clean-up I have done in several years, it was a 4-pass (the first pass to break up the crust, while I was stomping with my feet and trying to push the snow blower, the second pass to get some more the third pass to get down to the driveway and 4th pass to clean-up), 2 tank snow blower day. It took 2 hours to get things reasonably done, it usually takes about 45 – 60 minutes.

Which meant that I was pretty well toast, even though it is self-propelled, lifting and turning the beast was a pain in the ass and felt like I had been doing a full-body workout at the gym for 4 hours in 13F weather.

Then I had to drive up to Waterville to clean-out SD2’s driveway, which took an hour of shoveling, snow scoop – more of that manual labor thing.

Since I was in Waterville, it meant that I had to go to Champions and do a few miles on the treadmill. Needless to say, I really wasn’t in the mood for anything too challenging, but being a crazy runner, all the stuff I had done so far, wasn’t counting towards my weekly mileage, so I needed easy miles… Continue reading “Got My Run in Despite the Storm – RunLog 3-13-14”