WOW! Fantastic Customer Service

Yesterday, we went to Berlin, New Hampshire for TheWife’s Hawkinson (and all the other 100 or so other ways you can spell the name) – family reunion.

We had a GREAT time, got to see a lot of Mary’s relatives and had some good conversations.

We had talked about going over to North Conway earlier in the day, so I could go to the Pearl Izumi Outlet Store if we had time. After it was over and we were ready to head back to Maine at about 4:00 PM. So we checked to see what time they closed (7:00 PM), the wonders of being able to access the Internet while on the road and drove over to North Conway from Berlin.

By the way avoid going to North Conway during peak hours – traffic sucked, it was backed up almost to the Mt. Washington overlook and took about 40 minutes to get from there to the PI store – about 3-4 miles.

I have two brands of shoes that I really have liked a lot this year, Skechers and Pearl Izumi. I run well in both Brand’s and I love PI’s clothing lines, so the trip to the Outlet store was for a couple of reasons.

  • Even though I asked questions/complained about the issue/concerns with my N1 Trails on social media sites and wrote about it on  my blog, I never got any response from Pearl Izumi (shows how popular my blog is 😉 ) and no one who read my blog or on my running shoe group seemed to have a big problem with grit getting inside of the shoes. I needed to know if the issue I had with the N1’s – was just me.
  • See if they had any great deals on running stuff.

Enough of the prelude.

Pearl Izumi Outlet Store, North Conway

Pearl Izumi Outlet Store - North Conway, NH
Pearl Izumi Outlet Store – North Conway, NH

When we got there, we were helped by Dan B. and I told him the problems I was having with grit and stuff getting in through the gap between the tongue and the upper (yeah, I know that all shoes let in a certain amount of stuff, but the amounts I was getting in was excessive and uncomfortable).  I just wanted to look at the N1 Trails they had in stock, to see if they were made the same as my shoes or not and look around at the clothing. Continue reading “WOW! Fantastic Customer Service”

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail Running Shoes – 200 Mile Review

In my 50 mile review of the Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail Running Shoes, I gushed about how great they were:

That being said, of all the running shoes that I have run in over the past 10 years, make that 20 years, hell maybe forever, if I had to pick and use/own just one pair of running shoe (no specialty shoes) to do roads, trails, speed work, winter running, or even race – The Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails are the running shoes that I would choose – period.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails
Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails at 200 miles.

Bold praise indeed for a pair of shoes, that I had only run 50 miles in, especially since I have run since the 1970’s and have run in a few pair of running shoes.

So how did the next 150 miles go? Continue reading “Pearl Izumi N1 Trail Running Shoes – 200 Mile Review”

Week In Review – 1/26/14

The wife thought this photo was creepy
Favorite photo of the week – The wife thought this photo was creepy

January is done, than goodness – February has been a lot more seasonable, but according to the weather forecasters it is supposed to be a lot stormier and then get back to being cold again at the end of the week.  So we will see how the weather goes.

Like Mike over at Running Around the Bend stated:

“it is really amazing the difference your body feels running when it is well below zero compared to the teens.”

I agree with his sentiment completely and know exactly what he is talking about. Running in colder temps takes a lot more out of you physically and mentally. I have noticed that I have been a LOT more tired this week after so much running in the cold. I guess that is why I have done so many treadmill runs, but at the same time, even with the cold weather I still want to get outside to run – I just like being outside so much more.

To be honest I am very happy with using RunningAHEAD as my primary running log, it might not have the social media sharing or big gee whiz bang or badges when you meet a certain mileage goals, but it does what I want. It keeps track of my mileage, shoes and provides me with ways to quickly interpret my running data. Also it is flexible enough give me different reports if I need them, other than just the stock ones.   Continue reading “Week In Review – 1/26/14”

Week In Review – 1/26/14

IMG_20140123_133549_009It has been a good week, even though the weather has been wintry (to say the least), even so, I only ran on the treadmill twice this week, which is as much as I want to do.

I  really do not mind the treadmill, especially when I am attempting to run a certain pace or to do a tough speed workout, but I am not thrilled about it becoming my primary source of running, so I want to keep getting outside as often, even if it is not the best conditions.

Running outside in the winter as long as you have the appropriate running gear/clothes is more a matter of attitude and using common sense (I know some people will say, but I am a runner), when the conditions out there are not safe. It means doing laps or shortening up an outside run or making other concessions to running in winter.

Over the past couple of months I just have not been happy with any of my online training logs and am test driving one that I used back in 2009, but forgot about until Seth Hasty mentioned it on Facebook last week.  Continue reading “Week In Review – 1/26/14”

Week In Review – 1/19/14

Running up Mayflower Hill last Wednesday
Running up Mayflower Hill last Wednesday

The January Thaw came through this week and gave us a break from the sub-zero weather we have had, which allowed the roads to clear a lot, so that you can actually run on them. However, as I found out, running in my new trail shoes on the roads was a lot better than trying to use my road shoes.

It seems that my body likes the idea of having Tuesday’s off more than Saturday’s. Looking back at my training log over the past 2 months, I have taken off 4 Tuesday’s, so if this keeps up I might have to look at changing my scheduled “rest” day. Something I will be thinking about. Continue reading “Week In Review – 1/19/14”

3.0 Mile Recovery Run – RunLog 1-18-14

Today’s run and miles were dedicated to #MegsMiles.

Usually Saturdays are my rest day, but as part of the nationwide (at least)

Meg Cross Menzies was tragically killed by a drunk driver while out for her morning run on January 13, 2014. As an avid runner, member of the Richmond Road Runners Club, and Boston marathoner, she was a member of the running family nationwide. In her honor, our hope is to raise awareness of drunk driving, texting and driving, and overall safety of runners and cyclists everywhere.

I ran 3.2 miles in memory of Meg.

I really don’t think I need to say a much more than that.

Except when you are driving look out for runners out there and if you are a runner be aware where vehicles are always.

Strava 1-18-14
Strava 1-18-14

The Tale of Two Runs in One – RunLog 1-17-14

What a great day for a run, low 40’s, some sun, but mostly cloudy and most importantly – very little wind!

Friday’s are my long run day and I usually run to my wife’s work, well she had today off, so I ran into Waterville instead. It was a good choice and the roads were mostly clear until I got to Silver Street in Waterville, then the puddles were creeping out into the travel lane, so I ended up getting a little wet, but that was just about the end of the run, so it wasn’t that big deal.

Still I was glad that I wore the N1 Trails, there was just enough bad spots on the run, that I felt better having the extra traction they give me. That and I also wanted to see how they would do on a long run. Very simply put – no issues, no problems and I came away very impressed with how well they did on mostly tar for a 15+ mile run. They continue to be a very impressive running shoe that is doing everything and anything I have asked of it so far, except for being an ice shoe, but that would be expecting way too much.

Totals 1-17-14
Totals 1-17-14

Continue reading “The Tale of Two Runs in One – RunLog 1-17-14”

First Run in Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail – RunLog 1-13-14

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail - first run
Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail – first run

After yesterday’s run in the crud and crap, decided that I needed a pair of trail running shoes. So I swung by the new Rail Trail Run Shop in Augusta. When Amy told me that they had a pair of size 9.0’s in, I had to get down there and check them out

I came home with the Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail running shoes, which I have been researching and drooling over for the past week or so. They felt good on my feet, even when I tried them on the treadmill for a little test. Yes, they are another personal purchase, but the wife was understanding – well sort of – mostly.

This meant that I had to decide what would my first run in them be. Now these are trail shoes and the trails around here now are ice packed more than they are anything. So doing a trail run was definitely out.    Continue reading “First Run in Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail – RunLog 1-13-14”

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road after 50 miles

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road
Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road

This not going to be your typical, “I love this shoe from the moment I put it on review”, because I did not.

I found the Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road’s were a shoe that took some getting used to, especially after I had run in softer/more cushioned feeling running shoes for most of the summer and fall.

No, I am not going to repeat the manufacturer’s claims, stats or marketing propaganda about their shoe. I am just going to give my experiences and opinion about a pair of running shoes that I received as a Christmas gift from my wife (these are not free media samples).

What I am going to focus is how the Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road fit my tough to fit feet, whether I found them comfortable and if they worked for me during the first 50 miles I ran in them.   Continue reading “Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road after 50 miles”

First Run in Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road – RunLog 12-26-13

Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road - First Run on the treadmill 12-26-13
Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road – First Run on the treadmill 12-26-13

Yes I got the Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road running shoes for Christmas! Yeah it is a running shoe that Patton Gleason at Optimal Run recommended that I try back in May, but since I haven’t been able to find a pair to try on locally.

I have been very hesitant to order a pair online, especially with all the different reviews on how they actually fit other runners.

Once I tried the Skechers GoRun Ride 3’s and the way that the overlays bothered my tailor’s bunionette, the idea of a minimal upper (no or very few overlays) became more of a priority. The Pearl Izumi running shoe EM line’s uppers meet that need and are something that I have wanted to try, ever since Patton recommended them to me.

On a whim I put them on my Christmas wish list that my wife makes me give her every year. When that package came in from the online store and she would not let me open it, I kind of figured out that she had gotten them for me and I couldn’t wait to try them out. I usually do not run on Christmas Day, it ends up being more stressful to try to get a run in than it is worth. Continue reading “First Run in Pearl Izumi EM/N2 Road – RunLog 12-26-13”