Puma Ignite Power Cool – 50 Mile Review

It has taken me awhile to get to the 50 mile review on these shoes and it has been a sort of convoluted journey to get here.


I have been pretty much running in nothing but Puma’s lately, not for any particular reason, other than I can and for the most part are working well for me. The price points over the Holidays were pretty amazing, plus I got one of those wild hairs across something and so far I am having fun with it.

The Ignite P/C’s here were probably released in the summer of 2015 and they are Version 1 of the Ignite line with a different upper than the original Ignite. I think that is about the only difference that I can tell. However, due to the complex way Puma identifies or doesn’t identify their shoes, it makes it difficult at best to know when they were actually released or what the differences are between their models. Continue reading “Puma Ignite Power Cool – 50 Mile Review”

Treadmill Time

I took Bennie for a walk this morning before my planned 6.0 mile run and figured out a couple of things.

First – It was cold and the breeze was straight out of the north, with the wind chills the phone app said -2*F


Second – Although the roads were plowed, there was an awful lot of white ice and about an inch of snow covering the areas that I knew had ice on the road shoulders. A quick recipe for nothing good. Continue reading “Treadmill Time”

Puma Ignite Power Cool – Initial Thoughts

Today was my second run in the Puma Ignite Powercools so it is time to give my initial impressions of them. Yesterday was 3.2 mile run and today was a 5+ miler where I did my shoe test run course. i.e. running down the Bitch and then having to come back up it at some point. Which really gives me a pretty good clue on how I will run in a pair of running shoes.


These were a Bennie Christmas present that he got off Amazon for a pretty amazing price. I liked the fit and upper of the Mobium Swiftstrike, but not the slappy ride, Bennie seemed to think that the Ignite’s would be a nice alternative and ordered them. I did find out that the toe box is more pointy and narrower than the Swiftstrike, but not enough to bother my tailor’s bunionette. So that was a good thing.

Personally, I HATED the blue laces on the blue upper and they were flat laces, which I am not all that crazy about in the first place, which meant that I had to change things up to a rounded yellow lace, just to give it some color and make them easier to tie. Continue reading “Puma Ignite Power Cool – Initial Thoughts”