Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – 50 Mile Review

There I got running in the Puma Mobium Swiftstrike’s out of my system.

Back in 2014 I volunteered to be a Puma wear-tester, but my foot size is too small to be one and will never have an opportunity to be one, which frustrated me and sort of jaded me against wearing/trying Puma for a long time. However, I had some good experiences back in the day with Puma’s and have always been intrigued by their Mobium line of running shoes.

I really wanted to see how they did with a pair that actually fit me and they were an early Christmas gift from my daughter.


Not a bad shoe. Continue reading “Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – 50 Mile Review”

Shopping Done & A Needed 5.0 on the Treadmill

img_0803Mission accomplished!!!

I am done,  the worst of my Christmas shopping is over. Well almost, but the few things are not where I have to go out and battle the masses.

I went to the Marketplace down in Augusta this afternoon and what freaking mistake that was.

Let’s say it was a zoo, with crazy, rude, obnoxious arseholes who all seemed to be in a big freaking hurry to spread some of their own brand of Holiday cheer.

It has gotten to be such a chore to go out, get the things that I want to give as gifts to those who are special to me, that shopping online is becoming far more appealing than going out and doing battle for a couple of hours, with other supposedly civilized people.

After that shite, I needed a run. I had already decided that it was going to be a treadmill jaunt, 17*F and with the winds – a feels like of 5*F, just makes running outside too freaking miserable. Could I – sure, did I nope.  Continue reading “Shopping Done & A Needed 5.0 on the Treadmill”

Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – First Run 12-3-16

Well there, I finally ran in a pair of Puma Mobiums that fit they way they are supposed to.

Thank you again Katie K. and family for the early Christmas gift.

Yes, they are bright.


They are definitely “Harold” shoes, it just took a mile or so to figure out how best to run in them.

The Swiftstrikes have a very different feel to them when I first started running in them, it was…well clunky. For the first 100 yards, the heel-to-toe transition was horrible, they slapped the ground, were loud and if I had been at a running store, doing a fitting I would have turned around and just said no.

I thought during that time what kind of mistake did I do?

However, I was pretty much committed to running with Bennie and he doesn’t take kindly to cutting his run short — unless he wants to. Yeah, he becomes an unbearable pain in the arse to be around.

So I kept going. Continue reading “Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – First Run 12-3-16”

New Puma’s being Checked Out #pumarunning

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2gKb5D1
Okay they are here, my Puma Mobium Swiftstrikes that I talked about so much in this post.
Thank you Katie and family for the early Christmas present, it was pretty timely since my balky knee has been talking to me when I wear my Inspires.
The Mobium’s are definitely Harold shoes, with red, orange, blue and white colors.
They weigh-in at 10.0 oz, which is right where I want my trainers to be. Yes, I consider the Mobium Swiftstrikes to be in the trainer category, so we will see how they do. Which is a bit more than the 8.4 oz that the women’s model weighs.
It will be interesting to see how they are to run in – first one will be tomorrow. I don’t believe they will be as quiet as I would like, but at the same time they feel comfortable walking around the house and seem to be wide enough.
To be honest I am pretty excited about trying these running shoes out.
Elliott seems to agree.

Fascination or Obsession – Puma Mobium Line

Have you ever been totally obsessed with something that just doesn’t make a bit sense?

You  can’t understand why and when in the past you have gotten them, for whatever reason they just didn’t work for you, but it didn’t stop you from wanting to try them – again.

It is irrational, illogical, unreasonable, unjustifiable, absurd, preposterous and all those other words that we use to describe, us wanting something and not have any valid reason for our fascination with it.

That is how I am with the Puma Mobium line of running shoes.

Once upon a time, well a couple of years ago, I was going to wear-test for Puma, but come to find out, even though I wear primarily size 8.5 or 9.0 in most running shoes, when I submitted my Brannock device photo, my actual foot size is closer 7.5 or 8.0, so I didn’t meet the sizing necessary to be a wear-tester.

Bummer dude.

I even went down to Boston and met with the good folks from Puma’s wear-test division, to see why.

Pretty simple – my feet are too small. Continue reading “Fascination or Obsession – Puma Mobium Line”