Puma Ignite Power Cool – 50 Mile Review

It has taken me awhile to get to the 50 mile review on these shoes and it has been a sort of convoluted journey to get here.


I have been pretty much running in nothing but Puma’s lately, not for any particular reason, other than I can and for the most part are working well for me. The price points over the Holidays were pretty amazing, plus I got one of those wild hairs across something and so far I am having fun with it.

The Ignite P/C’s here were probably released in the summer of 2015 and they are Version 1 of the Ignite line with a different upper than the original Ignite. I think that is about the only difference that I can tell. However, due to the complex way Puma identifies or doesn’t identify their shoes, it makes it difficult at best to know when they were actually released or what the differences are between their models. Continue reading “Puma Ignite Power Cool – 50 Mile Review”

A Better Test, but a Bit Chilly

There this 5+ miler outside was better than yesterday’s treadmill run in my new Puma Speed 600 Ignite’s. They felt fine until I started back up the hill and then they were good once I got up to the top and lengthened out my stride again. Something about going up the steep hill the 600’s didn’t like. Otherwise I was very pleased with how well they did.


Okay, let’s get to the run, because the conditions are important too and the 600’s did well, despite the conditions.

10*F with a light breeze out of the north, made it a bit chilly. While the roads were mostly clear, there was some icy spots and if I needed to get out on the shoulder to yield to a vehicle, it was definitely icy or very hard snow.

It was cold enough that I dug out Hannibal Lector mask, which made the run a lot more bearable than it would have been otherwise, but scary if anyone had been outside to meet me. However, when I run with the mask it also means no glasses – not a good thing for a guy with 20/400 vision. It does make me focus more on running and less on what is going on around me though. Continue reading “A Better Test, but a Bit Chilly”

First Run in Puma Speed 600S Ignite

Yeah, I am on a bit of a Puma running shoe kick right now. They are fitting my feet quite well, the quality of workmanship is very good and the prices on Amazon have been rather amazing – almost to the point of me getting in a lot of trouble with the wife.

It means that I have a few shoes that are in the closet or in temporary retirement, until well I start running in them again. Which if I keep liking the Puma’s as much as I have been lately, it might be a while.

A nice problem to have.

I really like the style/looks of the 600’s and the outsole tread, seems to be a nice multipurpose tread. They seemed to be right in the wheelhouse of what I look for in a daily trainer, long run shoe and for recovery days. In other words the 600’s intrigued me and the price was right.

However, I was worried about the 600’s weight when I ordered them, since I like my shoes to be right around 10 oz or less. Just about everything I was reading had them somewhere over 11 oz or just under. Which isn’t bad, but more than I prefer. Also, I was wondering how the side strap would work with my Tailor’s Bunionette.


As you can see from the photo, the 600’s come in at 10.1 oz, which is close enough. Continue reading “First Run in Puma Speed 600S Ignite”

Puma Website Running Shoe Confusion/Differentiation????

Sometimes I just scratch my head, when it comes to how  some brands name and differentiate their performance running shoes on their websites.

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on the Puma website (I like how 3-4 of their models fit and feel so far) and while I have figured out some stuff I still gotta ask…

“Why are things so damn confusing?”

It is not the first brand’s website that I have felt this way on, it is only the latest.

It got so bad that I finally put Puma’s performance shoe lineup on their website, into a spreadsheet which helped me visualize what was going on. Continue reading “Puma Website Running Shoe Confusion/Differentiation????”

Puma Ignite Power Cool – Initial Thoughts

Today was my second run in the Puma Ignite Powercools so it is time to give my initial impressions of them. Yesterday was 3.2 mile run and today was a 5+ miler where I did my shoe test run course. i.e. running down the Bitch and then having to come back up it at some point. Which really gives me a pretty good clue on how I will run in a pair of running shoes.


These were a Bennie Christmas present that he got off Amazon for a pretty amazing price. I liked the fit and upper of the Mobium Swiftstrike, but not the slappy ride, Bennie seemed to think that the Ignite’s would be a nice alternative and ordered them. I did find out that the toe box is more pointy and narrower than the Swiftstrike, but not enough to bother my tailor’s bunionette. So that was a good thing.

Personally, I HATED the blue laces on the blue upper and they were flat laces, which I am not all that crazy about in the first place, which meant that I had to change things up to a rounded yellow lace, just to give it some color and make them easier to tie. Continue reading “Puma Ignite Power Cool – Initial Thoughts”

Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – 50 Mile Review

There I got running in the Puma Mobium Swiftstrike’s out of my system.

Back in 2014 I volunteered to be a Puma wear-tester, but my foot size is too small to be one and will never have an opportunity to be one, which frustrated me and sort of jaded me against wearing/trying Puma for a long time. However, I had some good experiences back in the day with Puma’s and have always been intrigued by their Mobium line of running shoes.

I really wanted to see how they did with a pair that actually fit me and they were an early Christmas gift from my daughter.


Not a bad shoe. Continue reading “Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – 50 Mile Review”

Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – First Run 12-3-16

Well there, I finally ran in a pair of Puma Mobiums that fit they way they are supposed to.

Thank you again Katie K. and family for the early Christmas gift.

Yes, they are bright.


They are definitely “Harold” shoes, it just took a mile or so to figure out how best to run in them.

The Swiftstrikes have a very different feel to them when I first started running in them, it was…well clunky. For the first 100 yards, the heel-to-toe transition was horrible, they slapped the ground, were loud and if I had been at a running store, doing a fitting I would have turned around and just said no.

I thought during that time what kind of mistake did I do?

However, I was pretty much committed to running with Bennie and he doesn’t take kindly to cutting his run short — unless he wants to. Yeah, he becomes an unbearable pain in the arse to be around.

So I kept going. Continue reading “Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – First Run 12-3-16”

New Puma’s being Checked Out #pumarunning

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2gKb5D1
Okay they are here, my Puma Mobium Swiftstrikes that I talked about so much in this post.
Thank you Katie and family for the early Christmas present, it was pretty timely since my balky knee has been talking to me when I wear my Inspires.
The Mobium’s are definitely Harold shoes, with red, orange, blue and white colors.
They weigh-in at 10.0 oz, which is right where I want my trainers to be. Yes, I consider the Mobium Swiftstrikes to be in the trainer category, so we will see how they do. Which is a bit more than the 8.4 oz that the women’s model weighs.
It will be interesting to see how they are to run in – first one will be tomorrow. I don’t believe they will be as quiet as I would like, but at the same time they feel comfortable walking around the house and seem to be wide enough.
To be honest I am pretty excited about trying these running shoes out.
Elliott seems to agree.