Run for the Fallen 5K – Recap 8-24-14

All things considered, I did better than I thought I did.

Although when I finished the race and looked at my watch, I was a little disappointed with the time and my effort, but when I got to thinking about it while writing this post – I did just fine.

Run for the Fallen Finish Line
Run for the Fallen Finish Line

There were a LOT of positives to take-away from the race!

  1. Honoring the Fallen – the ringing of the bell after reading the Fallen’s name part of the memorial service was very powerful for me. (just a couple of tears were shed)
  2. Making it to the starting line today!!! Yes, I had some serious doubts about whether I would, over the past couple of days and even almost left around 9:30 – due to some frustrations I was having – my problems no one else’s.
  3. It was the fastest I have run a 5K this year – 22:33
  4. I had a right on pace first mile – 6:39
    Strava Run for the Fallen 5K 8-24-14
    Strava Run for the Fallen 5K 8-24-14
  5. I was smart and didn’t push through, when my hamstring started to tighten up after the first mile, I pulled back until it stopped barking really loudly.
  6. In other words, I finished the race uninjured.

What did I learn: Continue reading “Run for the Fallen 5K – Recap 8-24-14”

Skechers GoMeb 2 after 50 miles

Skechers GoMeb2
Skechers GoMeb2

Okay, so I have a few more than 50 miles on my Skechers GoMeb 2 racing shoes, yeah that’s right racing shoes. You know me – that guy who said back in February that I didn’t need racing flats and now have 2 pairs.

However, it took a while to get to 50 miles, due to all of my wonderful injuries this summer. Then once my legs got feeling better and I started training little more seriously for some 5k’s, the mileage piled up on my Meb 2’s a lot quicker than I expected.

Yeah, this is another one of those reviews of an older running shoe that is nearing the end of its cycle, (so it is not the hottest new running shoe out there, but there are enough of people who are still interested in this racing shoe that the post is still pertinent. I plan to do a post next week on why I think doing reviews of these older shoes is still relevant – at least in my mind  😉 .

No I am not going to bore you with all the stats that the manufacturer or other sites that sell running shoes can give you.

I am going to focus on how the GoMeb 2’s worked for me as an older, recreational runner, who wants to run faster, but ain’t no Meb or even really all that good 😉 . Continue reading “Skechers GoMeb 2 after 50 miles”

Racing Flats – Do Make a Difference

Brooks Green Silence
Brooks Green Silence

Back in February, I wrote the post Racing Flats Who Needs Them.

I was wrong!

Yeah I am admitting that I was completely wrong.

Racing flats do make a difference for me when I use them.

However, I now believe the benefit is much more than just the physical part of how a racing flat is made or how light-weight it is.

Racing Flats

In that post I did say. Continue reading “Racing Flats – Do Make a Difference”

Rail Trail 5K Race Recap – 6-22-14

Today was the Rail Trail Half and 5K in Augusta – and the race director, staff and volunteers put on a GRADE A event.

  • I did a lot better than I thought I was going to!!!!
  • No, I my hamstring did not miraculously heal overnight and let me know all about it 😦
  • No, I didn’t break anything.
  • I saw lots of people I know, got to meet some new ones and had a great time.


Okay those are the highlights, now to get down to what happened.

When I got to registration, picked up my t-shirt, all within a minute (I got there early) and then asked to be dropped down to the 5K from the Half – no problems and that was done very quickly. There just was no way I would have been able to run, much less race the half today. My hamstring is still barking at me way too much and like I said in my post yesterday, it still just doesn’t feel right.

The start of the 5K is 15:00 minutes after the start the half, so I was able to get some photos of the start of the Half Continue reading “Rail Trail 5K Race Recap – 6-22-14”

Race Day Anxiety So Much More than the Jitters

CGAS Cape Code 5K - 1985
CGAS Cape Code 5K – 1985

A lot of you out there will not understand what the big deal is about race day anxiety.

You probably think of it as just bad case of pre-race jitters and are thinking – “get over it, running in a race is not a big deal – look at how many runners do all the time.

Well you are wrong.

If you have truly experienced an race day anxiety attack and an attack is what it is.

It is debilitating, embarrassing and not just just that you can simply “get over” and go run your race.

How do I know?

I ran one race in 25 years, because of how race day anxiety made me feel about running in a races.

Where did it start?

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What is Your Problem – Harold

I have run two races this month and in both races I was extremely disappointed with my efforts or my results. Actually, I was pissed at how poorly I had done.


  • A big disconnect
  • Training mistakes
  • Lack of consistency
  • Weighing too much

This has nothing to do with what shoes I am wearing, surprise, surprise, surprise – as much of a shoe geek as I am, my running shoes are not to blame for my poor performance at those two races.

Patriots Day 5 Miler Finish - 4-21-14
Patriots Day 5 Miler Finish – 4-21-14

There is no one to blame, but the man in the mirror. Specifically, what I am doing for training and my running over the last three months.

Last night I started looking at my running log and my blog RunLog entries, then this morning while sitting in ACAR’s waiting room, I really took a long look at what I have really been doing over the last three months, versus what I thought I had done. Continue reading “What is Your Problem – Harold”

85th Patriot’s Day 5.0 Miler Race Results

Congratulations to all the runners that ran at Boston today and all the runners who ran in Portland too.

Okay, there are a bunch of conflicting thoughts running around through my noggin now about today’s – Patriot’s Day 5.0 Miler race.

Patriots Day 5 Miler Finish - 4-21-14
Patriots Day 5 Miler Finish – 4-21-14, photo by Phil Dionne

Great Race – Loved the race organization, lots support from the city of Portland, fantastic volunteers and the course, which was fast but fair. These things along with gorgeous weather (just a little breezy), made it so it was going to be a good day for a race.

I enjoyed was the company of my brother-in-law Phil, who came along for the ride and even took a few photos during the race.

While I am happy that I finished, I still have this huge sense of disappointment about how I did. Continue reading “85th Patriot’s Day 5.0 Miler Race Results”

One in Five 5K Recap – 4-13-14

One in Five 5K 4-13-14
One in Five 5K 4-13-14

Hey, I actually raced again!

The first time since the January Thaw 4.5 miler back – well yeah in January.

This was the  first race that I can remember, that once I registered, I didn’t get all freaked out about or have several sleepless night about doing. I thought about it once in a while, but I didn’t just focus on it like I usually do. Hell, I even got some good sleep Friday night and only tossed and turned for after Bennie woke us up at around 1:00 AM to say loudly for about 3 minutes that there were deer in the yard – at least until I turned on the light and slammed the door. They left in a hurry.

After that I tossed and turned and turned and tossed the rest of the night – yeah I got to thinking about the race and couldn’t shut it off. Finally, I went back to sleep around 4:00 AM and woke up around 5:00 AM and just laid there for a while, kind of drifting. I wasn’t really tense or worked-up about the race after I woke up – good news!

Had a bagel w/peanut butter for breakfast (it didn’t sit right).

I only thought about turning around once on the way there, but it was more of a passing thought, than an over-riding need to not go to the race, that I usually experience.

Progress is being made on my old enemy race day anxiety. I don’t know if I have beaten it completely yet, but at least it doesn’t control me like it did for such a long time and I got to enjoy my race today. Continue reading “One in Five 5K Recap – 4-13-14”

35th Central Maine Striders January Thaw Race Recap – 1-19-14

This is the 3rd year in row that I have run this race and each year it has a different challenge to contend with. Today’s challenge was a 2-3 inches of fresh powder on the roads and sleet during the run.

January Thaw 2014 - Looking at the road prior to the race
January Thaw 2014 – Looking at the road prior to the race

The Belgrade town crew did a great job and sanded the roads we were going to be running on.

Now because of the road conditions, I decided to run in my PI N1 Trails and was very impressed with how great they did. They had good traction and to be honest I didn’t even think about them after the race started. I just ran and that is what I expect/want from my shoes. Continue reading “35th Central Maine Striders January Thaw Race Recap – 1-19-14”