Rail Trail Run Shop – Just Hanging Around

I was going to write this last night, but I was more than a little frustrated with how my hamstring is not responding – the way that I want it to and got caught up killing Orcs while playing NeverWinter Nights2 :-).

While I feel better and more positive this morning, I am still frustrated with lack of progress I am having, but hey it is what it is and I have to keep moving forward. A little later, I will be seeing the Chiro, so hopefully I will be more positive after seeing him.

Rail Trail Run Shop

Yesterday, the Rail Trail Run Shop was having a Memorial Day sale, after the Miles for Mills 5K and the local Skechers Performance Division rep (Seth) was going to be there with a bunch of demo shoes. Since the Skechers GoRun line has worked well for me for the most part and I am running again in the GoRun Ride 2’s (when I am running). I wanted to try on a couple of styles that I haven’t had a chance to yet.


I left my credit card at home, purposely. So I would not buy any new shoes (I know, but when the deal was 26.2% off for in stock and 20% off for special orders), I know that I would have been tempted and while TheWife is usually patient with my running shoe addiction, she also knows that right now I am not putting very many miles on the ones I have – due to my hamstring, so her patience might wear a little thin – if I came home with yet another pair.

The old saying a happy wife is a happy life applies here ;-). Continue reading “Rail Trail Run Shop – Just Hanging Around”

Walking and Running – The Basics of Biomechanics Seminar 2-8-14

Yesterday at the Grand Opening of the Rail Trail Run Shop as part of the activities and something that I really enjoyed was the presentation that Amy’s husband Jared (a local chiropractor who treats running injuries) gave on:


I know I am a running nerd and I love to talk, read and learn about stuff related to running.

These learning opportunities are also part of the reason that I am so glad that there is a specialty running store opening in Augusta, Maine. That is one of the services that specialty running shops bring to an area, seminars, talks and opportunities to listen to guest speakers on a variety of subjects related to running.

This was only supposed to last about 1/2 an hour, but ended up going for 68 minutes according to one of  Jared’s friends who busted his chops a little, so it was a very informal and very informative lecture/presentation. For his “first” powerpoint presentation, he did good.

He went against the prevailing “thoughts” of many in the running press, blogs, books or what you hear so much online of that heel striking is bad, bad, bad – according to him and a lot of the research that he has read and his experience in his practice it is not. Continue reading “Walking and Running – The Basics of Biomechanics Seminar 2-8-14”