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Tag: Reflection

Yes, I Am An Aging Runner

Yep, the title it is the truth and as much as I hate to admit it some days, I am the proverbial and stereotypical aging runner, full of contradictions, plans […]

Just Because I have Gray Hair?

I don’t know what it is about me that makes people think that I am totally inept or stoopid, when I ask in a store, to see something to do […]

No the Grass Is Not Always Greener

Sometimes, I think it is human nature to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the mountain, that taking the path less travelled will result in […]

Thank You

Earlier this week I wrote a post We Have To Keep Moving Forward and there were more comments and thoughtful discussion of people’s perspective on the election results. This could […]

August 2014 – What A Surprise

A much as July was a roller coaster — August was all about becoming consistent: Carrying through on a decision made Consistency Running with Bennie Favorite Photo from Augusta Decision […]

Week In Review 8-31-14

A good training week with a double-digit run, speed work and some faster sessions with Bennie made this week a really good training week. I had thought about doing a […]

Why Review Old Running Shoe Models

Why in the hell are you still doing reviews on older than dirt running shoes? You know what I am talking about those running shoes that I write about, which […]

Week In Review 8-24-14

Running with Bennie this week has been an adventure and 14.52 miles of running together, but we have had fun and he is making me much more consistent than I […]

Week In Review 8-17-14

I have been busy this week, running more miles than I have in a while, reading a lot, writing a little more than usual, got a new pair of daily trainers, […]