Making Memories; Shopping Not So Much

Appreciate Your Time Together

Yesterday, I took the day off work so Mary and I could spend the day together. It is something we have not gotten the chance to do often enough lately. Our schedules just haven’t been syncing, to let us see one another more than a few hours a day lately.

This is more than just a what we did post, so bear with me, although what we did is part of the story.

Mary and I ended up going down to Portland (about an hour or so away) and did a little shopping. Neither of us are the shop till you drop types, we are more figure out what you need, go to those places and get it done. So we made 2 stops in Portland, 1 in Falmouth and 2 in Brunswick.

We didn’t go near the Maine Mall or any of the other larger shopping centers.

Hell, we didn’t even stop in Freeport. 🙂

The first stop was the Coast Guard Exchange.

While I was wandering around, I ended up in the uniform section and saw some things that brought back a flood of memories.

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