Tired But Good – RunLog 8-1-14

I can tell that I am starting to run more, I feel tired more lately than I have been and it is a good tired, not that exhausted feeling, but that I have done something good tired.

Run #1

A good Bennie run, I kept slowing him down, acting as that big anchor, he was more than willing to fly and I was trying to keep up a nice comfortable pace.

I hadn’t decided whether to do a long run or not this morning and if I decided to, I didn’t want to push really hard on Bennie’s run. I did pick up the pace a few times and he grinned pretty good until I slowed back down and he would grab the leash and try to pull me to go faster.

Silly dog.

Strava Bennie Run 8-1-14
Strava Bennie Run 8-1-14

We went a little further than the usual 2.0 miles or so, but the weather is so nice in the mornings that we both are able to run a little more. We did pick it up from the Big Pine to the Lower Gate – it felt pretty good and made Bennie happy. Continue reading “Tired But Good – RunLog 8-1-14”

Almost At Race Pace – RunLog 7-30-14

IMG_1751Hey, what in the hell is up with September weather in July, while I LOVE IT for running and sleeping, if this trend continues we will be having frost in late August = not good. Oh well, we just have to wait and see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

I have a feeling that this winter might not be a fun one and you better make sure that the wood box is full and you have gotten your prepaid/lock-in for whatever you use to heat your house done.

This morning’s first run was with Bennie – we both were ready to run!!! Enough so that I wore my GoMebs and started fast and held it for as long as I could.

Strava Bennie Run 7-30-14
Strava Bennie Run 7-30-14

Yes, a couple of those lower bumps got into where I want to be for my 5K race pace! Continue reading “Almost At Race Pace – RunLog 7-30-14”

Just A Little Speedwork – RunLog 7-28-14

Bennie and I ran downback this morning just before the rains came and at the bottom of Stevens Hill, I decided to pick up the pace, just to see how everything felt.

It wasn’t for all that far and wasn’t an all out effort, especially when Bennie somehow almost got the leash tangled in my legs (that would have been a hard one to explain, when I finally came too), so I had to do a quick twirl, while running rather quickly.

Nope I didn’t fall or hurt anything, but I am sure it would have made for a great blooper video.

Strava Bennie Run 7-28-14
Strava Bennie Run 7-28-14

That is that blip in the middle of the faster paces just after .4 miles. Continue reading “Just A Little Speedwork – RunLog 7-28-14”

A Little Further than I Planned – RunLog 7-24-14

Yesterday’s run would have been a gorgeous morning for a run, but by the time I got out there it was in the mid-70’s, which is great for doing everything else, but still a bit warm for running.

Right now I am running by feel, if I feel good I do a little more, if I don’t feel right, I do less, if I need a day off I take it and if I feel like running faster I do and I am learning slower is not a bad thing. Yeah I know it isn’t much of a recovery plan, especially if you are the type of person who has to have a plan, but now I need to listen to my body more than look at or try to fit a plan into how my body feels.

Initially, I was going to do 3 or so, but I was feeling pretty good and decided to go for 6.0. I couldn’t decide on whether to do the Champions 10k course or up over Colby and back to Champions. I did feel like fighting the traffic over by WalMart, so I went around Colby.

I was not planning on going very fast and simply wanted to get some time on my feet. Yeah, Mayflower Hill slowed me down pretty good, but I felt good going up it for the first time in a long time.

Strava Stats - 7-24-14
Strava Stats – 7-24-14

Yeah, somehow I ended up going 9.5 miles!!! Continue reading “A Little Further than I Planned – RunLog 7-24-14”

Speed Play and Warmish – RunLog 7-23-14

After a 1.0 mile with Bennie
After a 1.0 mile with Bennie

Nope, I am not complaining about the heat, I still remember last winter’s temps that busted the brass balls on all the monkeys, even though we were all bundled up and much rather run in shorts/t’-shirt and sweating my ass off.

Even so, when it gets this hot, I do make sure that I go slower, if it is above 80F and when I went by the AYC it was already 81. That is just being smart, not something that I do all that often, but I am starting to get better.

I had to be in Waterville, so I decided to do my 12 x 30 seconds faster run, with 30 seconds rest and then take it easy the rest of the way. If you look at the stats, I didn’t really go all that fast at any point during any of the faster repeats, but it was fast enough for my conditioning and the conditions.

Run #1

I guess you could almost call this a fartlek workout.  Continue reading “Speed Play and Warmish – RunLog 7-23-14”

Feeling Pretty Positive – RunLog 7-22-14

You know something running mostly pain-free is rather nice.

Honestly, I had forgotten how good it feels, it has been such a long time.

Run #1

Bennie got his way again this morning and we did another run. It was the fastest pace I have run in a long time.

Strava Bennie Run - 7-22-14
Strava Bennie Run – 7-22-14


He was definitely ready to run this morning! That slow spot just after the .5 mark was us meeting a horse and rider. He thought it would be a good idea to go play with the horse, so we went to short leash and pull, to get his attention back on running. Once he was by the horse he took off again, but had several spots he really wanted to check out going up the hill.

I kinda picked it up going down the hill and he was looking at me, like what are you doing you old fart, you can’t run that fast ;-). It was already over 80 and while I was ready to do a little more, his tongue was hanging pretty hard, so I stopped at the mile mark, which is also a little stream where he waded and drank a bit to cool down, then we walked another 1.5 miles.

I tried something different. I have a padded hip belt that I use for my field quiver for archery, which is wide and padded. I thought this would be perfect as a belt to put Bennie’s leash through, so I can run hands-free with him. It worked great and didn’t bother my back at all.

Run #2

I was thinking about running the Quarry Road 3K Trail Race this evening, but I wasn’t sure how things would hold together under race conditions, especially my ability to not push too hard.

Since I volunteer at these races anyway, I decided to go in and run the course to see how I felt. When I went by Fred’s Coffee, the temp was 91F and a little muggy – not too bad, but plenty warm.

Strava Stats 7-22-14
Strava Stats 7-22-14

I started out pretty decently, but the heat and the bumps got to me quickly, so I just slowed down. There is no sense in killing myself on a day like today. Could I have run faster – sure, but why?

I was glad I ran the course by myself – I actually took my shirt off and ran it shirtless. I didn’t want anyone to be blinded by bright reflection I was putting out. I am too self-conscious to not wear my shirt very often, but today it was too damn hot to wear one, but the horseflies attacked and I wished that I had a shirt on.

It was also a good test of the Peak II’s (I learned that I have tighten them up a little more to prevent sliding around inside on hills. They are not as snug in the midfoot or heel.

The reality is that

I needed this run to show me what kind of shape I am really in. Not good.

I was really shown that I need to start running a hell of a lot more consistently. Yeah the normal stuff, hills and speed :-).

It will happen and I will get back in shape.

My foot did well and didn’t hurt at all during the runs and is just a little sore now. I don’t think it liked being stood on for almost 3 hours while I was working the races (fun run & 3K), you know setup, during and take down.

Running can be fun when you are not in pain. 🙂 I just want to do it more often.

I Ran Today – RunLog 7-21-14

Bennie looking down the road, saying I am ready to go again.
Bennie looking down the road, saying I am ready to go again.

Yes, I ran – no it wasn’t fast, well…not too fast and I did run twice ;-).

Run #1

The first run was a pretty careful run, I wanted to see how the foot felt and decided to do it on the treadmill. I know I tend to run a little too fast on them, but if something goes bad, I can stop, step off and walk to the locker room – instead of walking back from where ever I am.

So what did I do?

I modified the plan from Kinetic Revolution’s 6-week running Building Better Runners to work more on my form and to slow my ass down on how far I run.

5:00 minute warm-up @3.0 mph
3 x 30 sec run @6.0 mph, 30 sec walk 3.9 mph

I couldn’t just do this 30/30 intervals, it was just too much to keep an eye on (I couldn’t relax and just run), I kept going over the 30 second repeat

4 x 1:00 min run @ 6.0 mph and 1:00 min walk @ 3.9 mph

Everything felt good, so I kicked up the speed
2 x 1:00 min run @ 6.6 mph and 1:00 min 3.9 mph walk

Then I ran 1:00 min  @ 7.2 mph and walk 1:00 min @ 3.9 mph until I got to 1.75 miles

Last .25 @ 7.2 mph

Then I walked the until I reached 30:00 minutes. Continue reading “I Ran Today – RunLog 7-21-14”

Not What I Expected – RunLog 7-12-14

Yesterday, I had a couple of good runs which was the good news, but the big event of the day was something that was very unexpected and not anything that I wanted to have happen.

Yeah I was sore and a little tired from haying the day before, but not nearly as bad as I thought that I would be. In other words I wasn’t completely wiped.

I made sure that both of the runs were slow recovery runs that totaled just over 5.0 miles, the body wasn’t up to or into doing a lot more.

My neighbor was still haying and had even less help than the day before, so I lent a hand again. About half-way through the field, we were on the 3rd tier, so the stack was about even with my chest and I was having to pick up the bales and then toss them on the trailer.

6 Tiers of hay
The dual axle trailer

As a part of this tossing motion, I step forward with my right foot.

Yeah this isn’t going to be good.

Wellll, as I was tossing a bale on the trailer, my foot went forward as usual, unfortunately at the same time the first tire of the trailer was about to occupy that same spot. This was the double axle heavy-duty trailer pictured above – luckily it was only half full of hay.

Really not good.

With peripheral vision, I saw the tire beginning to go over my foot and the tire wasn’t stopping. At that point I felt a sudden pressure on the outside of my foot and couldn’t move it (believe me – I tried).

As I looked down.

There was nothing I could do, but watch the friggin tire run over my foot.

Yes time does slow down, when something like this happens. It seemed like it took forever for that wheel to get done going over my foot.

It was kind of surreal, the tire going over my foot, there was a squishing sensation, sharp pain and then relief as the wheel rolled off my foot.

Then I had to move it quickly, so that the second axle’s tire didn’t have a chance for a repeat performance.

Yep, it hurt like a son of bitch!

All of I could think of right then was, there goes my running the rest of this summer and beyond.

Continue reading “Not What I Expected – RunLog 7-12-14”

Serious Weight Training Session – RunLog 7-11-14

Just a bit of hay
Just a bit of hay

I am running a bit late at getting around to writing my post today, but I just got through eating supper a bit ago and have a sneaking suspicion I am going to be massively sore tomorrow!!!

One of the neighbors, was haying and when I drove by, their “crew” was pretty slim pickings, so I stopped over to their place and offered to give a hand. Needless to say, they were both surprised and happy to have another hand.

Yeah, I knew what I was getting myself into, when I was a young fella, I did this quite a bit, so I “knew”:

that I would not be able to pick and load the last two tiers in the hay wagon. In the past, I just never had the arm strength to get the bales up past the 4th tier. Today, I really surprised myself and was able to toss-up to the 6th tier on the last wagon load. I guess all the strength training I have done is paying off a little. Continue reading “Serious Weight Training Session – RunLog 7-11-14”

Not The Best Run – RunLog 7-10-14

Some days you really think you have it all together and then BAM, it’s gone.

That is how it was today for my primary run.

I went ahead and did a bunch of stretches before the run, because the Achilles was feeling tight on my earlier Bennie run and by the time I got started, my GPS watch had reset itself and I didn’t realize it. So without looking down, I just hit start and started running.

About half a mile down the road, I looked down to see what my pace was and figured out that I hadn’t started the GPS.


Oh well, sometimes it happens, so I stopped and waited about 30 seconds for the watch to get signal and started out again. I was feeling pretty good and decided to just go with it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Continue reading “Not The Best Run – RunLog 7-10-14”