A Sort of Rest Day – RunLog 8-27-14

Today was a rest day, well at least as close to one as I do 😉 .

Bennie and I ran an easy 2.3 miles this morning and when we got back to the Lower Gate we encountered this thing

Bennie and the Snake
Bennie and the Snake

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Skechers GoBionic Trails – Didn’t Work For Me Review

Over the next few weeks I am going to go through all of the running shoes left in the house, to figure out whether to keep them or get rid of them.

First up are the Skechers GoBionic Trails, a pair of trail running shoes that I had been looking at for more than a year, but never got until this June. 

I stopped running in them back on July 6th, quite simply because they did not feel comfortable.

Skechers GoBionic Trails
Skechers GoBionic Trails

This morning’s run definitely showed me why I stopped running in them, back then.

Okay, based on that sentence, you can probably guess that this review is not going to be one of those ones that anoints a pair of running shoes as the greatest ever or even bemoans the fact that Skechers decided to not continue to update this model… Continue reading “Skechers GoBionic Trails – Didn’t Work For Me Review”

First Run in Skechers GoMEB 2 – RunLog 6-24-14

Skechers GoMEB 2's
Skechers GoMEB 2’s

I did my first run the Skechers GoMEB2’s, that I was given after volunteering at the Skechers booth last weekend at the Rail Trail Half & 5K.

Ummmm — they are gonna be a fast, freaking shoes for me.

Not a doubt in the world about that!

Unfortunately, my hamstring was still telling me how unhappy it was about running too damn fast on Sunday and what in the hell we were doing running down-back with that Damn Dawg this morning, before going out for another bleeping run.

Especially a run in brand spanky new racing flats! That you know you will want to see how great they feel at faster than hell speeds.

Whah, whah, whah, the hamstring had its whiny self going in over-drive and told me in no uncertain terms that I tried anything fast or tried to get smart, it was going to really pitch a fit.

So I went easy – well most of the time, a couple of times the faster pace seem to come out of no where and old hammie didn’t realize what was going on until a few hundred yards down the road, although when it figured it out, hammie did tell me what an idiot I was and proceeded to call me every name in the book, until I slowed down again.

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First Runs in Skechers GoBionic Trails-RunLog 6-19-14

Okay, what is the deal with getting all the last year’s shoes, that are now discontinued and then actually writing like it means something?

Skechers GoBionic Trails
Skechers GoBionic Trails

These shoes are old frigging news and the rest of the world has moved on to newer, brighter and shinier shoes that are hip and now.

For the Long Explanation and what I thought about the GoBionic Trails read through, otherwise – it came down to where and how much I actually run in trail shoes, yes – price was a factor and yep, I like them.

After my other trail shoes decided to take a divit out of my right middle toe, which is an automatic no more of this crap for me. I decided that I needed a different pair of trail running shoes, since my GoRun Ride 2’s definitely are not trail shoes and nothing else in my collection works well on the trails I run on.

So much to TheWife’s displeasure I went out and got another pair of running shoes.

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