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Week In Review – A Good Week 8-3-14

Now that was a pretty damn good week. Getting to see so many great people down in Portland yesterday and yeah, getting my picture taken with Meb was cool too. […]

Tired But Good – RunLog 8-1-14

I can tell that I am starting to run more, I feel tired more lately than I have been and it is a good tired, not that exhausted feeling, but […]

Hat was a Leaky Faucet – RunLog 7-3-14

Running errr swimming today was pretty good and with the number of horseflies, mosquitoes and black flies down-back made it so that you didn’t linger too long in one place. […]

Getting Acclimated – RunLog 7-2-14

I must be starting to get acclimated to the heat/humidity a little. While I went slow today for both runs, they really didn’t make me feel that bad, even with […]