Skechers GoRun Ride 7 – 50 Mile Review

Sometimes you get a gut feeling about a pair of running shoes before you buy them. Then that feeling leads you to go ahead and get them, even though you question the need versus want aspect.

Though to be honest, I have been having trouble finding a pair of running shoes that didn’t bother my feet on long runs for a quite a while and the GRR7’s seemed to check off all the boxes for me. When you added in that none of the shoes presently in the house had inspired much confidence in their ability to go over the 10K distance marker completely comfortable.

I needed to find a solution for my long runs and it seemed like the GoRun Ride 7’s might be part of the solution.

This is pretty much the why behind my buying the the GRR7’s for $90.00 through Amazon.

Initial Thoughts

The bias about/against Skechers brand name as a “serious” running shoe provider is real and it is still out there even when Skechers has a good or great running shoe, overcoming the Skechers name can be tough to get beyond for some runners. Continue reading “Skechers GoRun Ride 7 – 50 Mile Review”

Mid-Year Look Back 2014

Gratuitous photo of me, after picking up my 2nd place age group award. Thanks Brian for taking the photo
Thanks Brian for taking the photo

Yes, yet another runnah looking back at what happened since January 1st.

I didn’t win the lottery, land the job of my dreams (I already have that), win the Boston Marathon (but Meb did) or accomplish anything that set off the seismograph.

Nope, I basically had a pretty hum-drum first part of the year, even though I am sure that I will find plenty to write about.

So what has happened? Continue reading “Mid-Year Look Back 2014”

Rail Trail Run Shop – Just Hanging Around

I was going to write this last night, but I was more than a little frustrated with how my hamstring is not responding – the way that I want it to and got caught up killing Orcs while playing NeverWinter Nights2 :-).

While I feel better and more positive this morning, I am still frustrated with lack of progress I am having, but hey it is what it is and I have to keep moving forward. A little later, I will be seeing the Chiro, so hopefully I will be more positive after seeing him.

Rail Trail Run Shop

Yesterday, the Rail Trail Run Shop was having a Memorial Day sale, after the Miles for Mills 5K and the local Skechers Performance Division rep (Seth) was going to be there with a bunch of demo shoes. Since the Skechers GoRun line has worked well for me for the most part and I am running again in the GoRun Ride 2’s (when I am running). I wanted to try on a couple of styles that I haven’t had a chance to yet.


I left my credit card at home, purposely. So I would not buy any new shoes (I know, but when the deal was 26.2% off for in stock and 20% off for special orders), I know that I would have been tempted and while TheWife is usually patient with my running shoe addiction, she also knows that right now I am not putting very many miles on the ones I have – due to my hamstring, so her patience might wear a little thin – if I came home with yet another pair.

The old saying a happy wife is a happy life applies here ;-). Continue reading “Rail Trail Run Shop – Just Hanging Around”

Improvements to MY Running Shoes

I have to laugh at myself sometimes, actually a lot, but this time it was a bit ridiculous even for me. I am not very patient and will sometimes engage fingers before engaging brain.

Skecher GoRun Ride 2’s

I belong to a Facebook group for running shoe nerds, which I definitely am. When one of the other members commented, after I said that I had just ordered the Skechers GoRun Ride3’s, to replace my current favorite running shoe of all time – the Skechers GoRun Ride2’s:

count on the GRR3 being significantly different from the GRR2. You’ve been warned!

This really got my attention and I went on a bit of a tangent, hijacked a thread and made a bit an ass of myself. Now me go on a rant just because a pair of running shoes might not be the same as the pair that I love – not me I would never ever do that!!!!

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