In A Bit of a Funk and Some Changes – Maybe

Over the past couple of days, I will admit it, I have been in a bit of a funk and yesterday I really thought about how to get out of it.

What brought this funk on? Most likely it was when I read that David Patterson lost his battle to cancer this summer. I knew that he had fought it for over a year, but I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten.

David Patterson teaching a session at ACTEM 2010
David Patterson teaching a session at ACTEM 2010

David was the person who taught and mentored me in how to use and implement many facets of social media into my classroom and eventually into my life. Although we didn’t see one another all that much over the past few years, we did stay in contact through commenting on his photography blog and he would stop around here to see what I was up to every so often.

I was saddened to hear of David’s passing and know that the world lost a true gentleman. It made me look again at how fragile our lives really are and how we need to work harder to stay in contact with those people who have touched our lives.

He would be the first to tell to me to do something about my funk (some would call it grieving) and get my butt moving again.

Moving On

David taught me so much about how to use social media and the more that I thought about what David and I discussed back in 2008 and that I need to get back to why I started using social media. Continue reading “In A Bit of a Funk and Some Changes – Maybe”

A Slight Name Change

Okay, so it might not be a slight change, but after I changed my blog’s name to Ramshackle Runnah, I felt as though the name change brought some very negative vibes to how I was writing and feeling about my running.

The name of your blog says a lot about you and what perspective you will be writing from.

I know that I do not do everything by the book when it comes to running, but it seemed like after I changed the name back in May, I was always dwelling on the negative stuff that I do. Which is not what I want to focus on, especially since I do a LOT more things right than I do wrong, when it comes to my running.

My blog is supposed to be a positive part of my running/life and it was turning into a negative, because I was focusing too or so much on how much of a ramshackle mess I have made of myself.

I had to change that perspective!

New Name

I have thought about a new name for a while and had lots and lots of ideas, but finally – after nothing seemed or looked right to me. Finally, I figured out that the answer was right in front of me.

I just needed to K.I.S.S. the name of my blog – you know Keep It Simple Stupid (never said I was very politically correct).

So welcome to:

Runnah header 7-3-14

Yes that’s it – Runnah.

  • Short, simple, no fuss, no muss and if you are from Maine that is how you say Runner.
  • The tagline will evolve as I change things up, but for now I just want to keep things simple.
  • The photo in the background is the road down-back where I do a lot of my running, both by myself and with Bennie. So it is appropriate to use for the header, although I am sure it will change from time to time.

This is the last name change for my blog.

After all it meets all of my requirements and is the URL.

A Social Media Vacation

This area has changed a lot since September 1st, so have I
This area has changed a lot since September 1st, so have I

Since September 1st, many changes have taken place for me, but one of the bigger ones was that I decided to take a social media vacation during September.

I did this to see where I wanted to go with my online identity and to take a close look at how I used social media.

No, this didn’t mean that I went completely cold turkey from all forms of social media, but it did mean that participating in all the various forms of social media, went from being what I considered was my job and a major part of my life, to something less important, much less important.

During this time I have purposely deleted social media accounts, pages, groups, communities, logged out of and stopped participating in many forms of social media.

Also I turned off all social media notifications on my devices, which had caused me to act like Pavlov’s dog – automatically clicking on a pop-up to see what was going on or stop what I was doing and pull-out my phone.

Looking back, I know that I needed to do this – badly. It seemed that I was participating in some form of social media, just about all the time. Over the past 18 months it got to be too much. Continue reading “A Social Media Vacation”

Has It Been Only A Month

I can’t believe it has only been a month since I created A Runnah’s Story back on August 14th and I just want to take a quick look at how the move away from A Veteran Runnah has gone.

Importing Old Posts

The “experts” let you know that by importing posts, your blog will probably be penalized by search engines for duplicate blog posts and that importing Blogger posts to is a pain in the ass (it is) – that it is easier and probably better to just start completely over with a clean slate and all the other great advice that is out there to “improve” or have a “better” blog.

So what did I do?

I went against conventional wisdom and decided this past week to import my old blog posts from: Continue reading “Has It Been Only A Month”

You Must Be Crazy – A Chromebook!

Samsung Series 5-550 Chromebook

Right before Thanksgiving I went and did something crazy – even for me.

No it didn’t have a lot to do with running or healthy-living, well not really, but maybe a little bit of my mental health. What I did really impacted how I blog about those things and participate in my social media communities.

HMMMMMM – What in the world are you talking (exasperated voice)!

If you look at my “quick about me” in the sidebar, I say that I “use technology to complicate my life”.

Isn’t that the truth sometimes! I honestly believe that this is true for many of us, while we love our technology and how it can connect us to others or seemingly make some things easier, technology sure as hell doesn’t simplify our lives.

I have found that technology does not always make life easier or less complicated, in fact it usually does just the opposite for me and I have been purposely looking way to simplify and uncomplicate my life whenever possible.

That is when I chose to buy a Chromebook rather than yet another Windows or Mac computer.

Huh! What is a Chromebook?

A: It is a computer that uses Google’s Chrome Operating System.

What does it do?

A: It is a modern computer, but it does not have native apps and relies more on the web apps in “THE CLOUD” (in a deeply ominous voice), but does have enough off-line capabilities to get through the times when you are not connected to “THE CLOUD”.

Primary Computer

Actually my Samsung Series 5-550 Chromebook has become my primary computer and does about 95% of what I want to do on a computer. When I have to go back and use my 4 year-old MacBookPro or my Windows 7 PC, it is painful for me to do so.

They both just seem so slow, big and gommy to me now. They have become niche machines that I use when I have to, not because I want to. Playing a game like NeverWinter Nights II or screwing around with iTunes on my iPhone 4S, to manage my music is about the only times I turn on my Mac. The PC is even less – it is my wife’s and I do the maintenance on it, which reminds me of why I love my Chromebook so much each time I have to do that.

Now wait minute Harold, you have both a Mac (which is running Mountain Lion – the latest and greatest OS from Apple) and a PC (running Windows 7) and you don’t use them unless you have to?

That’s right and as my Chromebook continues to improve, I plan to use them even less! The less than 10 second to get to the log in screen, almost instant on when you open the cover, not worrying about security or updates as much have really sold me on this laptop.

Along with the fact that I have done 100% of my work (not the nice to do or have stuff), on my Chromebook for the past 6 weeks, tells me it does what I need for a computer to do.

Not for Everyone

Now a Chromebook is not for everyone and it does require a bit of a change in your mindset about how you do things with it, but once you get beyond the initial resistance to change (at least for me), things begin to happen. It opens a lot of different ways to get things done and not break the freaking bank every time you want to try something new or different.

Honestly, the Chromebook sucks when it comes to dedicated printing to non-Google Cloud Print ready printers, it works, but not easily (another reason in my mind to go more paperless), some versions don’t play Netflix well or at all (my 550 does just fine) and some other things that are a pain in the butt.

Google Play and a Chromebook don’t play well together (especially the uploading/downloading of your music – which sucks) and you can only get Chromebook Apps from the Chrome Web Store (but both Apple and Microsoft are heading in that direction too)

No you cannot load your familiar local programs like: Microsoft Office, Apple’s iWork or anything that uses Java, in other words executable files that are stored on your laptop – they don’t work.

Mindset Shift

That is where the mindset shift comes into play, you have to do almost everything via “THE CLOUD”. Also most of your files are stored there – via Google’s Drive, but you can use SkyDrive, Dropbox or other cloud storage services, but they don’t integrate and sync as easily or as well.

“THE CLOUD” is a scary place for many and they don’t trust it, however, within 5 years, I have a feeling that is where most of our stuff will be regardless of what you want. Software As A Service will be the norm and you will have less control of what is happening on your computer no matter who makes it. So unless you are going to maintain your stuff on an old off-line standalone computer, you need to get used to “CLOUD COMPUTING”.


No I am not some young wiz-kid who thinks he has the world by the ass, I am an old fart who is moving along with the times and seeing the writing on the wall. The change is coming, you can fight it kicking and screaming or just use it to your advantage, either way it is coming.

The reality is that

my Samsung Series 5-550 Chromebook laptop computer has just become my computer, it is nothing special or different for me to use it now. I open up the top, the screen pops up and I start to work.

The hardest thing that I had to figure out was which web applications to use that met my needs, instead what software I had that I needed to use. That is a big change of perspective and if you can’t figure what I mean by that, then you will not like a Chromebook.

If you are looking for something different from a Mac or Windows laptop, the Chromebooks are worth a look. However, I am telling you to do your own research to make sure that the Chromebook meets your needs and how you use a computer – they are not the right for everyone, even if you can buy one for $199 to $249.

The biggest compliment that I can give my Chromebook is that I just use it.

Yes I just drafted this post in Google Drive’s Docs, cut and pasted it to’s blogwriter, took photos of my Chromebook with my HTC Incredible 2 Android smart phone, uploaded them directly from my phone to this post and published it to the web – All using my Chromebook.

Yes I can do this with other computers, but I prefer to do it with my Chromebook – thank you!

Enough Whining, What Did I Do About My Social Media Overload

It is too much

Okay I whined about being overwhelmed by social media a while ago in my Social Media Overload post. One of the things that I learned from over 20 years in the military, if you are going to bitch about something, you also need to be able to find identify solutions.

So what solutions have I found to reduce my social media overload.

During lunch and supper, no electronics – except to answer the phone. This small change gives me a chance to read from a book and talk with TheWife more, instead of just looking at the screen for the next Twitter or Facebook comment, Google+ entry, new blog post to read, etc. Now I can safely ignore that little ding or pop-up that used to go off. Breakfast is when I go through and read my blogs, posts and comments and try to write my first post of the day, while I am still fresh.

Notifications – I have turned off all of the audible and visual notifications that have turned into the Pavlovian response of having to immediately check that social media site: to see what is going on, who made a new comment, etc.

It had gotten ridiculous how I just felt I need to “know” what was going on no matter what else was going on. This has helped tremendously in reducing my feelings of overload.

Social media Overload

Twitter – I have gone in and pared down my “lists”. There were over 500 on my primary follow list and I had over 25 different #hashtags that I was trying to keep up with. These were simply just too many, after a lot of work, I got the primary follow list down to about 250 and my #hashtags to 7, which should make it easier to have more quality conversations with those who I engage with regularly.

Facebook – This is my hardest one – simply because I hate Facebook and its past attitude towards its users and looking at the recent Instagram Terms of Service flap (which no changes have come out to) those attitudes haven’t really changed. However, because I am a FitFluential Ambassador and it is the primary way that we communicate with one another is with Facebook Groups, I have to maintain a fairly high level of engagement there.

However, there were several groups that I was a part of that I no longer need to participate in, I was using them more to promote my blog or find out what was going on in the semi-local area. However, whenever I saw that little number beside the Group I had to go in and see the comment. I have gone from participating in 11 to 5 groups, which should improve my engagement in those groups.

I also went through and hid a lot of people who were in my stream, I was finding that I had so many people in my stream that I couldn’t keep up with my family,  friends and former co-workers, which is why I really have kept a Facebook account.

I also went in and changed the notification settings, to receive fewer email notifications about Facebook posts. I really don’t need to get an email every time someone adds a link or comments on a post. I wish that Facebook could get granular enough to only email me when certain people post or comment. That would make for a lot fewer emails for me to discard.

Google+ – I really prefer the interface and conversations on Google +, unfortunately not enough of my family, friends or others are here yet. When Google recently opened up communities it opened up a whole new set of people to interact with who share my interests in healthy-living, running and my Chromebook. I had to pare back the number of communities from 13 to 5 and am thinking that I might just get rid of at least a few more.

Online running sites – To be honest I have only been on the edges of DailyMile and the social part of other running log websites like Nike+, RunKeeper, etc. Since I don’t really engage in these sites anymore, I have decided that I am going to delete my accounts over the next week. However, I am up in the air about whether I really want to start using the fairly new social side of Garmin Connect, since that has become my primary running log website – time will tell on that one. It really depends on how the other reductions work for me.

Google Reader – This is one of those ongoing things that I have to do every 6 months or so. I find great blogs and want to continue reading them and put them in my reader. This time I had 211 feeds in Google Reader and that is too many for me and I pared it back to under 70.

I haven’t time to do more than skim through the posts there and unless it is something that really interests me, I don’t fully read or comment on the posts, unless I pop them out of the reader and go to their blog.

I also tend to get a lot of duplicate links from my Facebook groups and Twitter feeds, so those that I normally would subscribe to in Google Reader, I have deleted since I get their feeds elsewhere.

LinkedIn – I gotta work on this one still, I haven’t figured out how I want to use this site, especially since I am not very active there now. To be honest, I think that this one is a very important social media platform for anyone to keep current, but with everything else going on, I have neglected LinkedIn and the opportunities it might have or bring me.

I haven’t even talked about YouTube, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, The Coast Guard Channel, Instagram, Flikr or other social media sites out there that all vie for time as well.

The reality was that

I was just trying to follow too many feeds and people, on too many social media platforms. Another problem was that I was receiving a great deal of duplicate information that I needed to process, which took time. Time that I just never seemed to have enough of.

My self-enforced social media “vacation” and purge is now mostly over. The social media feeds, friends, followers, circles are a lot leaner than they were, not quite as many duplicates (both incoming and outgoing – hopefully you won’t be seeing 5-6 Twitter duplicate posts on my new blog posts now).

If I have taken you off a Twitter list, hidden you in my Facebook stream, uncircled you from a circle or simply fell off the face of the earth in a different running or healthy-living website or online community, I didn’t do it to be a jerk or that I didn’t think that the information you were/are providing in those social media platforms wasn’t important or good.

It simply meant that we didn’t interact all that much and I needed to make choices about how much information I could reasonably process.

Hopefully, these changes will allow me to be more active in the online communities that I have chosen to remain in, which will in turn allow more quality conversations between us. Instead me feeling like I am simply using the platform as a broadcast avenue for my blogs – which was how I was starting to feel when I initially wrote about being on social media overload and was not the direction that I wanted to go.

I value the online friendships and people who I have met and will meet, I have a feeling though that I need to be a little slower and look closer at who and what I am adding to my social media networks in the future. Just to keep the conversations and information I receive, more pertinent to my interests and ability to follow.

Like the GREAT Twitter conversation I was having while writing this post with @Brod262, @nycrunningmama and @pmumbower (yes I was multi-tasking), it is all about finding the social media balance that works for you.

For me to use social media effectively and the way that I want to – means having less quantity, to have more quality.

What do you think? Are there other things that I can do to keep my social media habit under control?

Social Media and Running

Or in my case Running and Social Media.

Oh – is it that those Twitter or Facebook things, that Google+ is trying to horn in on or is it more?

Personally I believe it is much more!

The last issue of Runner’s World had a big article about Social Media and how runners are using it to improve their running. I can attest that social media has made me a better runner and connected me with so many people who I never would have had the pleasure to have met (online and face-to-face) otherwise.

I am not really an early adopter of social media, but I am not new to it either. Oh I have been blogging since 2007, used Twitter/Facebook since 2008 and got an invite to Google+ when it first came out.

However, over the past year or so, I have used social media to connect with the online running and fitness communities – yes there are many. Whatever type of running or fitness related activity you are interested in there probably is an online community that will interest you.
The ones I am most active in are:


I love Twitter and it still amazes me how it can quickly connect me to very different groups of people and runners by simply using a different hashtag. Of the social media tools that I use, this is probably the one that I use most. It is quick, simple and you have to say it in 140 characters or less, which means I can’t be wordy, like I am being now.

My favorite hashtags are: #RealHealth, #FitFluential, #Runchat, #Fitblog, #Runnersworld


Facebook has always been a love/hate relationship for me and I have fought against using it on several occasions. Going so far as to delete my account a couple of times, due to how they “protected” my privacy.

However, I have finally made my peace with Facebook and figured out how I want to use their application for my purposes. I have started to use it as an extension of my Twitter and FitFluential running and fitness communities, along connecting with my real-life friends and family.

No things are not perfect on Facebook, but it is the easiest place on the Internet to connect with the people who I want to stay connected, so I am there more often than I would like. The bottom-line is that, it is the one place where almost everyone has some kind of presence there.

I belong to both public and private groups: Idiots Running Club, FitFluential Running, Central Maine Striders


I prefer to use Google+, but there are fewer of my friends and family here, plus many of the groups that I belong to use Facebook to communicate with one another, not Google+. If you are a runner it seems that not too many conversations are going on using this social media tool yet, which is too bad.

I know that many of the users of Google+ are enthusiastic and dedicated to using this as an alternative to Facebook, but for now I am there a lot less than I am Twitter or Facebook – just the way it is.

Daily Mile

Daily Mile is one of the biggest social media site dedicated to running that I know of and while I have a presence there, with everything else going on and other social media hubs that I use more. I just haven’t really gone ahead and done much more than use it as a back-up running log, now that I can auto-post using the iSmoothRun iPhone app.

I am sure that there are forums and other social media sites that runners use to connect, but these are the primary ones that I have used to connect with other runners, and healthy living communities.

The reality is that

my running and weight loss efforts, would not have been nearly as successful if I had not been using social media to connect with these communities, over the past year.

Online running communities are very supportive of one another and yet at the same time will hold you accountable in your running and other goals. In other words they don’t put up with b.s. rationales or excuses and will call you on it, especially when you  are not being honest with yourself.

The biggest thing is that I have come to realize that I am not alone, out there pounding the pavement. That yes there are others like me who have many of the same dreams, issues, race anxiety, injuries, problems and goals that they want to achieve or overcome. When we talk to one another about these things, it still amazes me how much in common that I do have with other runners.

Now that I know that I am not the only one that thinks that way, I find that I am more willing to face my fears and can do more than I thought possible just a year ago.

As you can tell I have embraced the benefits of social media and the online world.

By doing so, I have “met” so many more runners than I would have otherwise, who have made running fun for me again. The below photo would not have happened if I had not been a part of the online running communities.

For that I want to say thank you, to everyone who has helped me on this journey back, to being a runnah and making it a fun adventure that is really just beginning.

What do you think of today’s social media tools and how do they help you as a runner?

Change Means – No Change

Over the past couple of weeks I have thought about what comes next, as far as my online footprint and social media presence.

In today’s competitive world of job searching, I know that I need a digital foot that is positive and helps me in my job search effort, while at the same time remaining who I am, not some fluffed-up character designed to impress a potential employer.

As a result of a lot of this soul-searching, I decided to do away with my Professional Crossroads blog yesterday and use the site as a webpage/online hub that has links to my social media sites or other places someone might be interested in learning something about me.

After all I did spend the money for the URL and business cards listing that site as my webpage. 🙂

Now to just keep improving that page, so that it looks great when someone lands on it.

Change Means – No Change

This change means that A Veteran Runnah is my primary blog. As part of this reconfiguration, I don’t plan on any major changes to focus or content. I am going to continue to write primarily about running with some side trips into being a bit of a geek, Harold the Destroyer gardening and healthy living. Oh once in a while I might throw in something a bit odd that relates to my job search, but nothing to really change the focus here.

I do plan to bring over some of the better posts from Professional Crossroads and update them so they fit over here, there were not too many, so I will not suddenly inundate everyone’s feeds with a bazillion posts over the next week.

The reality is that

I might not be doing things the way the job search or even social media “experts” recommend about developing your personal brand and yes it might even make my job search more difficult. At the same time I believe that it is more important to stay who I am, not a construct developed to meet a certain set of criteria.

As I discussed in my The Real Me Please Stand Back Up post, I plan to be more “what you see, is what you get” and hopefully that will be enough.

Here is to A Veteran Runnah and being the VetRunnah :-).

The Real Me Please Stand Back Up

Cross-posted at Professional Crossroads.

I have posted this on A Veteran Runnah to let people who follow me heah, know what has gone on and the direction that I am going. No it is not my typical running post, but pretty important about who I am.

What’s been going on?

I have focused a great deal of time on my job search over the past 2 months and during this time started following the advice of more knowledgeable people than I am, about how to use social media effectively in your job search.

Looking back I got caught up in the “you have to do” or “this is how it is done” from the experts that I forgot to just be me.

Don’t get me wrong – my job search is important and yes I understand the importance of having a consistent online personal brand for others to see and take note of. At the same time there is a lot more to my life than always searching for a job or attempting to be the perfect candidate for the “next” open position, while being online.

The efforts I was making to create this professional persona and how I was using social media was beginning to change who I was online.

My job search efforts turned my social media sites from something that I enjoyed being a part of, to being just another job search tool – something to be used. A tool to quickly network with others who could be that link to a contact, that I could turn into a job opportunity, instead of establishing conversations or relationships with others online.

This is not who I am.

Forsaking what was important

During the past couple of months I have neglected the online friendships that I have developed over time and my other interests were being forsaken, to focus on my job search and to create the “elusive consistent personal brand” or develop a personal social media strategy, by following the “expert’s recommendations on how to use social media.

However, the deeper I got into this online job search world and its many communities, the more overwhelming and confusing it became at times. Who was right and who was wrong? Were the differences in the “experts” recommendations, ideas or suggestions a matter of style, personal preferences, ignorance or attempts to get you to “buy” something? There was all too often too much contradictory or just downright stupid stuff that some “experts” were saying job searchers needed to do.

Being who I am, I began to question if this direction and what the “experts” were saying was right for me?

Well guess what – Enough is Enough

Many of the ideas, recommendations or suggestions about how to “brand” myself and put together a social media strategy to promote my job search and online presence, while they may be great for someone else, they just are not me.

Social media is more than just a tool to increase my personal brand, look for a job or to make money online (not a bad thing, but not my main reason for being online).

I use social media to meet people online, have conversations, learn new ideas, see different perspectives (no I don’t always agree, but I get to see how others might see things), and take part in chats or webinars that are interest driven etc. – not just to promote myself. There are already enough people who use social media for that purpose, we really don’t need me to add to the noise.

Part of the reason that I and so many others use social media is that we like being around those (online and in real-life) who share our passions. Mine are: technology, running, eating mostly healthy, fitness, my interest in Harold the Destroyer gardening methods ;-), irreverent comments here and there and just enjoying being myself.

Professionally, I still enjoy talking about education (though I generally do not get too involved), training topics, a bit of human resources, using social media in marketing and leadership styles.

Nope I am not

I am not some primped up or invisible persona who doesn’t say “boo kiss my ass”, because it might O-ffend someone, although I have learned that tact and timing, along with shutting my mouth, can be useful in many situations, but at some point there is a time to simply be honest about what is going on.

Yes I spelled offend wrong on purpose.

If that is what a company, agency or corporation wants, I am not that person and wouldn’t fit their culture – so why not just lay it out on the table now and get it over with.

Who am I

A guy from a small town in Maine, who went in the Coast Guard and stayed for almost 21 years, then became a Special Education Teacher for most of the time I have been retired. I decided to take a year’s sabbatical to regain my health after a knee injury and have. Now I am have gone into job search mode and discovered that to be “successful” at it according to the experts – I have to “market” myself differently – hmmmm that might be true but…

I still enjoy having fun, laughing with others and at myself – in other words I have a personality, opinions and a life, that goes beyond the boring one that I was carefully cultivating over the past couple of months. In order to fit the mold that the experts believe that others want to see you i.e.

Don’t stand-out or up too much or you will be passed over. In other words, don’t be or show too much of yourself-play the game.

That is why I took last week off from my job search to think about who I am and what I want to project as my public persona, because I was becoming uncomfortable with direction I was going.

The time away from the daily expert advice and ideas, gave me the answers that I was looking for.

Conscious Choices

The choice that I am consciously making – is to be me (warts, freckles, smiles, occasionally having stinky running shoes/clothes under my desk and yes how damn old I am) which may close some doors for me. However, that is a risk and challenge that I am taking.

I want prospective employers to know what they are getting when I walk through that door. That they will not get Mr. Hyde too, when they were expecting only Dr. Jekyll.

The Reality is

that I am not the boring person that I have pretty much portrayed on Professional Crossroads (and that was creeping over to my other social media haunts) and that I damn well plan to live the next 65 (I fully expect to live to be 120 – if you don’t believe it you definitely won’t) years of my life fully and enjoy everything about them that I can.

I may not be the life of the party, however I am comfortable smiling, laughing and having fun wherever I am, whether it be on this blog, while participating in a Twitter chat, webinar, in a professional setting, while I am out for a long run or heaven forbid, being comfortable with myself with no one else around.

There is a time and a place for being serious about the image you want to project in real-life, online or what your digital footprint will be, but it doesn’t have to be done to the exclusion of the “social and fun” side of life or social media – as long as you use some common sense, which I believe that I have a fairly decent amount of.

So what do I do next?

  • Slow down.
  • Not get caught up in all these BIG ideas and all the things that the “experts” believe I must do or need to do to improve my digital footprint and social media strategy, to be ready for my job search.
  • Distill down all the different things that I have learned over the past few months and figure out what will work for me.
  • Most of all – I plan to have fun and keep smiling a lot – life is too short to do anything else.

I plan to get back to being me and enjoying the social part of social media when I am online or in that other one called real-life. That is why the picture of me running, at the start of this post has gone back to being my avatar on Twitter and I am thinking about changing it on Facebook and Google+ also. LinkedIn is my professional social media site and trying to make the others that also, made them less social than I want them to be.

I have a feeling that my digital footprint is just fine and will take care of itself.

If you are looking for your next great employee in the Central Maine area, look at me a little closer to see if I am what you are looking for – I might surprise you and be exactly what you are looking for :-).

What do you think have we gone too far, to hide who we really are during our job search efforts in today’s world?

Sorry this was so long, but I had a lot to get off my chest :-).

Blogging During My Job Search

As part of my job search I will start using the Old Guy Job Search blog as part of my overall job search strategy.  It will be a central repository of things that I do and learn during this next stage of my professional life.

I have heard the negatives about blogging while job searching, i.e.  you will reveal too much about yourself, the potential employer will find reasons to not hire you, etc. To me these reasons are bogus, I want my potential employer to know more about me, that yes I have flaws and am not perfect, in other words that I am human.

If a prospective employer is looking for reasons to disqualify candidates or look for someone who is perfect (instead of someone who would be a great addition to their organization), then I seriously have to ask if I it is the kind of place that I would really want to work.

When I do accept a new job, I want it to be the kind of job that I will want to go to work every day, not a place where I go to put in my time. There is a big difference between the two and I have a pretty good idea of what I want and will explore it further here on Old Guy Job Search.

My blog(s) are dynamic online resumes that can tell potential employers and others a lot more about me than the traditional resumes that everyone sends out and not too many people ever really read. My blog posts will not always be formatted perfectly and gasp an error in grammar or spelling might find its way into my writing – sorry that is life and what actually occurs in the workplace from time-to-time.

More and more the hiring process has become a crap shoot – where the resumes, job descriptions and interviews are all standardized, scripted and contain much of the same information, just said a little differently. In my opinion one way to stand out and show prospective employers that I am not just another “cookie cutter candidate” is to blog during my job search. My blog can help organizations get to know me far better than the standard application process ever will – if they are interested in what I have to offer.

So I will continue to post to my blog about my job search and what I am doing to help make it successful.  My blog(s) have all that wonderful information that I have written, not necessarily for prospective employers, but for those who wish to read it.

I will use the age-old adage:  “What you see is what you  get with me” and yes this is one of those things that I feel very comfortable with doing, even though it goes against many “experts” advice.

If you are interested in my qualifications and experience, please read my About Me page, go to my LinkedIn account, read my other blog “A Veteran Runnah” or better yet ask me by contacting me directly – by clicking here.