Philbrick Speed Work – RunLog 7-31-18

No Quarry Road 5K trail race tonight, I decided early on in the day that I wasn’t going. After yesterday’s aborted run due to my left Plantar Fascia telling me all kinds of nasty things, there was no way I was going to run fast uphill tonight. I spent most of yesterday afternoon and early this morning enjoying the golf ball finding every little shred of crackly, snappy stuff in that foot that I could stand. LOTS OF FUN – not.

It seems that the Salomon Sonic’s were just a bit too stiff for my left foot. I experience this problem in shoes that don’t flex well and those that have a full length outsole sometimes make it talk to me about everything but wanting to run on it. I will play with the Salomon’s more and in a week will try them again for a few more miles to see if I have resolved the issue or if they will go away.

So this morning, I wasn’t even sure if I would be running or not.

On Bennie’s long walk the PF loosened up a bit, so I figured that I would give it a go. Now today is my faster day and since I wasn’t going over to Quarry Road, that I might as well see if the PF would let me do some sort of faster running – probably nothing race pace, but faster than I have done lately. I know, a rest day is what I should have done, but I was antsy this morning and things were feeling better than I expected.

Also I didn’t feel like going to the track, so I decided to do laps out in front of the house and measured a .25 distance from the speed limit sign down past the house on a flat portion of the road and did my repeats on that.

I somehow managed to do 6 x .25 at sub 7:00 pace in pretty warm conditions and then did 4 x 2 power poles at faster paces. When I got done, I felt like shite and had to force myself to do the cool-down mile. However, the left plantar felt great and once I started abusing myself doing speedwork, I forgot all about that and focused on how bad I was feeling during the fast repeats.

The joy of doing speedwork in hot weather. Speed work when done right doesn’t feel good while you are in the middle of a repeat and in hot weather it really sucks for me, but it does condition the body to enduring faster running.

At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Yeah I had on the Nike Rival 6’s and they do encourage me to run faster when I am wearing them.

Overall, it was a very good workout, where I ran a LOT faster than I thought that I was going to when I started. Sometimes you just have to start the workout and see where it takes you – if the PF had bothered after that first mile warm-up I would have shut it down.

However, it didn’t and if I had just gone ahead and accepted that my PF was bothering too much, I would have missed out on a pretty good speed-work session.

It was just as well that I didn’t go to Quarry Road, it ended up that we needed to drop off the Jeep this evening at ACAR to see what is going on with it. So things worked themselves out quite well.

Now to figure out how to get the Salomon’s so they do not bother the PF, I have a couple of ideas, but need to wait a week or two to let the Plantar Faciitis calm back down completely before I go experimenting. I do like the Salomon’s, but if they continue to bother the PF they will go away.

A nice workout to finish the month off.

Speedwork Kind of Day – RunLog 8-5-14

Gorgeous summer day again today!

However, by the time I got out there it was in the 80’s which is great for the beach, but a little warmish for doing speedwork.

But it didn’t stop me!

When I put on my Meb’s, Bennie’s eye’s lit up, then when my GPS connected and beeped/buzzed – we were still in the house and he started bouncing all over the place. Hence one of his nicknames Bouncing Bennie 🙂

Run #1

Yeah Bennie didn’t want to worry about warming up and all that other foolishness that I have go through before we start our run, he was ready to fly. At first I kind of held back a little, but once we got around the corner, I just said what to hell, smiled and ran. Then it was the usual speed play with Bennie.

Strava Bennie Run 8-5-14
Strava Bennie Run 8-5-14

As you can see we did run a bit quicker than usual for the first mile and it felt good.  Some things were still tight, but didn’t interfere too much with the paces we were hitting.

It is was harder to keep up the pace, I just am not used to going this fast – for now. Continue reading “Speedwork Kind of Day – RunLog 8-5-14”

First Run in Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail – RunLog 1-13-14

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail - first run
Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail – first run

After yesterday’s run in the crud and crap, decided that I needed a pair of trail running shoes. So I swung by the new Rail Trail Run Shop in Augusta. When Amy told me that they had a pair of size 9.0’s in, I had to get down there and check them out

I came home with the Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail running shoes, which I have been researching and drooling over for the past week or so. They felt good on my feet, even when I tried them on the treadmill for a little test. Yes, they are another personal purchase, but the wife was understanding – well sort of – mostly.

This meant that I had to decide what would my first run in them be. Now these are trail shoes and the trails around here now are ice packed more than they are anything. So doing a trail run was definitely out.    Continue reading “First Run in Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail – RunLog 1-13-14”

Starting a New Training Module – RunLog 12-30-13

I have finished the McMillan base mileage module and today I started their Workout Base module, which means that running FAST is part of the training plan again. Today’s workout was based around doing 10 laps of 100m w/100m jog at 19-21 seconds.

According to the McMillan training system, I am a Speedster and supposedly get energized by running faster – Yep they are right. I loved being able to run fast for short distances today, it brought back a lot of old memories. Continue reading “Starting a New Training Module – RunLog 12-30-13”

Hellacious Treadmill Workout – RunLog 12-28-13

Tomorrow is my last day of my McMillan base mileage training module and it is supposed to be another crappy weather day, which means that I am going to do something easy outside and not bother driving to the gym to use the treadmill. I want to run outside, the treadmill serves its purpose, but well it is not the same as running outside.

Which meant today I decided to do a killer treadmill workout to see where I am after my two months of developing a mileage base. Originally I was going to just do a simple 60:00 minute run, but I had a lot of pent-up energy and was feeling good, errrr great.

So I decided to play around, instead of just doing another long boring run.

Part I Continue reading “Hellacious Treadmill Workout – RunLog 12-28-13”

Treadmill Speed Work – 8/27/13

Yes, I know what the PT told me and all that other stuff.

Sometimes, well let’s be honest, most of the time I am not a good patient and I don’t take orders very well (this is coming from someone who lasted almost 21 years in the military).

Oh well, just the way it is.

I decided to stop by the gym and see how my leg was feeling on the treadmill. I chose the treadmill for a few reasons:

  1. I can control the pace
  2. Same thing on the incline
  3. It is easier on my body
  4. I like the treadmill, (yes I admit it) I can “go away” for a little while, without worrying about cars, ditches, rocks, dogs or other assorted thing that I need to watch out for outside and just run. Continue reading “Treadmill Speed Work – 8/27/13”

Good Double Workout 9-11-12

IMG_0327Today was a double workout and the first one was tough, but the second one while it was only 4.5 miles was even tougher.

However, I finished at least 11.0 miles total for the day, like I said I would in my I Remember post from this morning.

In the Morning

I went to the Colby Track and did an interval workout with my Stepson-In-Law – Sean.

Well I should say I watched his back during a lot of the workout. He is half my age and a LOT faster than I will ever be again.

That said I had fun and enjoyed working out with someone else, it is a nice change of pace to do a workout and have someone to talk with, in between hard sets.

Plus it is a chance to get to know him a little better and he gets to know me better.
Colby Track Photo

Intervals all had a 1/4 mile cool-down in between sets, the sets that I took off, I jogged the slow lap with Sean.

Warm-up: 1.0 – 8:48

Mile – 7:14: I was definitely feeling the faster 13.1 from yesterday.

  1. 1/4 – 1:27: This one really hurt and I haven’t run this fast in many, many years. I wanted to see if I still had a sub 90:00 second quarter in me – yep everything hurt Smile.
  2. 1/4 – 1:40: I ran a lot more comfortably on this one and didn’t push as hard!
  3. 1/4 – DNR: Took this off, my hamstring and piriformis were squawking a bit at me, they didn’t like this fast a pace, but I knew that they would be.
  4. 1/4 – 1:37: Felt pretty decent on this one
  5. 1/4 – DNR
  6. 1/4 – 1:39: Last fast quarter for me, things were barking pretty good and I decided to shut it down, better safe than sorry.
  7. 1/4 – DNR
  8. 1/4 – DNR

Cool-down: 1.0 – 9:32

Afterwards we were stretching on the infield and I got this strange urge to take off my shoes and do some barefoot strides on the artificial grass. So I did.

8 x 100 yards at a good pace and they felt great – by the way I didn’t notice nearly as much discomfort, so I have a feeling some of my issues definitely have to do with my poor running form and mechanics. This was also the first time I have run barefoot in a while, something that I am going to have to do more of. It really made me focus how I was landing.

Sean stayed in the high 70’s to low 80’s for most of his quarters with the final one being 76. It was the first time he has been to the track in a while and he looked pretty wiped at the end. What I would give to be able to run that fast again.

Oh well – that ain’t happening at age 55. Green with envy

However, I am very happy with my part of the track workout today. I ran in lane 4, because lanes 1-3 are closed to general running. The MacMillan pace guide has me doing 400 meters at my current 5K race pace in 1:24, but running in an outside lane and doing quarters instead of 400’s – I think that I was pretty close to that pace.

Either way I felt good about my speed and know that it was smart to shut down the fast quarters when I did – I would hate to pop or pull something right now. It would be terrible timing.

Besides this workout was more about getting Sean some speed work in and he did a great job.

  • Total miles for me 6.7
  • For Sean: 7.7

So what did we do? We made plans to come back next week!

In the afternoon

I ran 4.5 miles to give me my 11 plus for the day. My legs were toast, everything hurt, but I remembered those people from 11 years ago and kept going – I had to. It was one of those runs that meant a lot to me and one I would finish no matter what – just the way it is. No it wasn’t fast, but I did it.

My day’s total was 11.2 miles.

I sure am glad that I have a day-off scheduled for tomorrow Smile, I definitely need it!

RunLog 9-11-12

AVR – January 2012 in Review

It has been a busy month for me at “A Veteran Runnah” and best of all my running is really starting to take shape with a few longer runs here and there, plus the occasional faster for me runs.

The hardest part has been reining myself back, to not try to do too much too quickly, just because I am feeling great while running and I want to do even more – especially the speed work.  So that has really been a battle for me.

Part of why I was so busy was trying to get “A Veteran Runnah” going in the direction I want it to go. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to move from Blogger to, I hadn’t originally thought that I would do this, but found it necessary.  I always liked Blogger, but I couldn’t get “AVR” to look the way or completely do what I wanted with the themes I wanted to use. Those were the main reasons for the blog host change.

Making the decision to move your blog is tough because you do have a certain amount of “love” for your current blog and the work that you have put into it thus far. You know no matter how much you try to publicize/let everyone know you that you have moved, you will lose readers and your stats will tank for a while. The move itself is almost done, I have just 40 more posts to update/edit and boy will I be happy when I get that last post updated.

The actual move is pretty straight forward and can be done within a couple of hours (or less) if you are willing to start from scratch. There is a lot more involved to moving if you want to bring old posts forward to your new blog – that part is a pain in the butt. Which is what I did and why I am still working on moving more than a week later.

I hope that you like the new look as much as I do, if you notice anything that isn’t working or doesn’t look quite, right please let me know.

Let’s get to talking about January and how my running is going in the new year – enough about moving.

How Was January?

January has been the time for the “doing” part of all those resolutions that we made on New Year’s Day and so far I have done very well on my resolutions. Dad had a bad heart attack and was in the hospital for a while, so that made it for some stressful times during that time and yes running helped me to deal with those stresses. He is home now and feeling pretty good  I also did find out I will be a grandfather for the 4th time, our first girl.  Other than that January has been a very quiet month. 😉

Running In January


  • Miles Run: 111.1
  • Days Run: 27
  • Days Off:    04
  • Longest Run: 8.19 miles on 1/30/12
  • Fastest Run:  7:42 pace for 3.2 miles on 1/17/12
  • Best Week: 26.6
  • Miles walked: 90.98 – added in to show that I do more than just run

Shoes Run In

  • Saucony Peregrine
  • Brooks Ravenna
  • Nike Air Flow (My go fast shoes)
  • Saucony Pro Grid Propel
Races Run
33rd Annual January Thaw 4.5 Race, Belgrade, Maine
Virtual Runs
Twitter Road Race Virtual 5K, Sidney, Maine
Blogiversary 3.5 Anniversary Virtual Run

Summary: We (yes TheWife too) sent our application in to join the Central Maine Striders running club. Haven’t heard back yet, but hope they let us in. I went over 100 miles for the month so I have accomplished 1/12 of my annual goal of 1200 miles. I even had a run where I broke the broke the 8:00 barrier in a training run, it felt pretty damn good when it finally happened. Now I just have to get in good enough shape that most of my training runs occur sub 8:00 pace, with an occasional sub 7:00 thrown in 🙂

This month in a word: Consistent

I ended December weighing 171 and ended January at 165. I did hit 163 after my 8 miler yesterday, but that doesn’t count. Six pounds lost again this month, is still great progress. Especially since I am not going out of my way to eat a lot differently than usual. I am just trying to keep eating more naturally and cut way back on the junk food and whoopie pies (which are their own food group in my world). This is the least I have weighed since November of 2000, so I am ecstatic about the weight loss progress I am making – 31 pounds since June 17, 2012


The right knee is not complaining very often, but I have to be careful to give it rest and a chance to recuperate after a long or hard run. No streaking or back to back hard days. The lower back is still a little sore at times, but as long as I don’t let Bennie (our dog) sit in my lap, while I am working on my laptop computer it does a lot better. Changing my running style is causing my calves to bark a bit and the increased mileage is getting to my hip flexor, which will go away in a few weeks if the past is any indicator of how long it will last.
I ran in my Saucony Peregrines most of the month, unfortunately today, I noticed that they are developing a hole in the usual spot for my Saucony shoes and that means that I have to start researching into what my next pair of shoes might be.  Actually, I like doing this kind of stuff and will know a lot more about today’s shoes after this project is done.
Top Ten Blog Posts for December
Since I moved from one blog host to another I am going to give one top 10 list for Blogger and another for WordPress posts, they are all on WordPress now and hopefully they are all updated 🙂
Blogger top 10 for January
  1. Is Barefoot Running Right for Me?
  2. Brain Training For Runners – Book Review
  3. Runners Have You Really Looked At Your Blog Lately?
  4. Running is What We Do
  5. Running Log Spreadsheet Template
  6. Goat Head Sole Spikes Review
  7. The 33rd Annual January Thaw 4.5 Mile Road Race
  8. Old Running Shoes – New Uses
  9. Running to Run Isn’t Enough Anymore
  10. Karma and My Blog’s Theme Review top 10 for January

  1. Does a Faster Cadence Help?
  2. For Guys Only – Ladies You Won’t Be Interested
  3. Are You Courteous to Fellow Runners
  4. Shut Up + Run: Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold – February 11, 2012
  5. Why Run a Marathon?
  6. How Did the Move to Go?
  7. Answering 20 Questions About Me
  8. Today’s Snow/Freezing Rain Photos 1-27-12
  9. Running the Day after An Ice Storm – 1-28-12
  10. Tommie Copper Sleeve Review – First Impressions


One of the things that I really like here on “A Veteran Runnah” is to review new gear. Whether I buy something myself or am given a product to review, I enjoy trying it out and seeing if it works as advertised or not, whether I like it or not and why. Blogging about running related products makes me think about what I am using differently, than if I was just using or wearing it.
I have done the following product reviews this month:
  • Goat Head Sole Spikes
  • Tommie Copper Compression Sleeve for knee and calves
  • Ruez Performance Underwear
FTC Disclaimer – I was provided products from these companies free of charge, to review them on my blog and received no other forms of compensation to do this review. My opinions about each product are my honest observations, based upon my experience while I am using this product.

The reality is that

January was a very busy month, Dad is still with us, my daughter is having a little girl this spring, I ran more, moved “A Veteran Runnah” to a different blog host, hopefully joined a running club and was more consistent in my workouts.  What more could you ask for – no overall January was a very good month.


Hill/Speed Workout = Sucking Wind

I have vowed to get back into good running shape this year, but there is a problem, part of getting into good running shape includes increasing your – well not your’s, but my workout intensity. Today was the first day of adding Hills and a touch of speed work to my running and it really sucked!

Hills disguised as speedwork or is that speedwork disguised as hill work just plain hurt. As I said on Facebook & Twitter my legs felt like jello and I still felt like I was going to puke a 1/2 hour later.

I guess that means that I had a GREAT workout.

Oh I probably over did my first intensity workout, but the knee feels great, nothing hurts now that I have sat down and rested for about an hour. That is my problem, I do like to go fast and when I schedule fast running, I tend to do more than I should.

However, I am not a fan of hill work, never have been and never will be. Here is the actual workout:

  • 2 mile warm-up
  • 200 yards (alias 4 telephone poles) to top of hill – 80% effort. This side of hill is long grade.
  • go over the other side jog two telephone poles
  • 100 yards (alias 2 telephone poles) to top of hill – 85-90% effort. This side of hill is steep grade.
  • walk/jog 4 telephone poles
  • Repeat 5 times

than after that

  • run slowly towards house stop when get two telephone poles away
  • 100 yards (yes 2 telephone poles) on flat – 90% effort. This was on a flat section!
  • walk/jog back two poles
  • Repeat 5 times
  • Slowly run 1/2 mile cool down.

It was a tough workout and now I didn’t time the repeats, I just kept a running time of how long it took me to complete everything. That was bad enough without trying to compete against the clock for each repeat. That will come in March though.  Right now I just want to get the muscles used to going faster again.

I did have problems with my new form on the fast flats – I kept wanting to go back to my old sprinter form and go a lot faster than I can with the new form.

Yep I sucked a lot of wind during the run – the first time intentionally running faster than I have in a long time hurt – a lot.

I know that I am a little crazy – but now that it is over, looking back I am glad I did it :-). Now I just have to trick my mind into thinking next Wednesday is something I should be looking forward to.

Quality of Run: Great first Hill/Speed work
Time of Run: 2:22 P.M.
Temp: 39F
Weather: Sunshine, with 10-15 mph wind from NW

I will be glad when I can just do intervals on the track :-), actually this is one workout that I miss doing on the treadmill. I always like to sit in the sauna to recover.

Day #25 of Janathon 🙂