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Tag: Technology

Software and Web Apps I am Using Now

Back in April I did my first post on how my transition back to having a Windows-based laptop, after having used a MacBookPro for a couple of years. My reasons […]

The New Nike+ Website is Up

I am an unapologetic fan of Nike. Over the many years I have used their products, I have had very good success with their running shoes, running clothes and other […]

Old Guy Job Search?

Why the name – Old Guy Job Search? It is the truth – the name of my blog describes exactly what I am doing. Yes – I am turning 55 […]

Veterans’ Networking Session 4-23-12

I was invited to attend the Veterans’ Networking session today at the Augusta Career Center and got to listen to Patrick Therrien’s – Technology & Education Training Specialist presentation on […]

Are You Courteous to Fellow Runners

Over at “A Sabbatical, of Sorts” he talks about waving or at least acknowledging other runners when they go by. Here is a link to his post: Wave to fellow […]