Topo Ultra Fly v1 – 50 Mile Review

Another review of the previous version of a running shoe. I figure that a lot of runners buy the older shoes, like I do, once they go on sale.

The Topo Ultra Fly v1 is a shoe that I have wanted to try since it came out. However, I couldn’t justify the full retail price to experiment with sizing and feel, on shoes I had never seen in person.

So I have been waiting for the price point to get down to the $50-70 price range that is a little easier to swallow when experimenting with a shoe I haven’t been able to put my hands on or feet in. Especially, if they do not work as planned for me.

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A Good Long Run – MT WK1 D6

Today was scheduled to be my first long run of my marathon training cycle. It is also the first longer run that I have done since I strained my right hamstring, so I was a little concerned about how it would go. While my planned 8.0 miles doesn’t sound like all that far, it is far enough, when the temps are around 70*F and windy as hell out of the NW.

Let’s back up a little first. Mary and I did a 2.5 mile walk with Bennie down back, when on the way back Greg G was riding his bike and stopped to talk for a minute. We commiserated injuries we are both rehabbing and talked about going to Quarry Road on Tuesday night for the 3K over there. It was good to see Greg and it will be even more fun to start the Quarry Road trail series and see a lot of the local runners again.

Right after we got back, I changed up to get going on my long run. I wanted to make sure that I wore my compression calf sleeves, toe socks and wrapped my right hamstring with my 4″ elastic bandage. The leg is not ready to go running without some external support.

When I left the house I was planning on something in the 9:20-9:30 pace range, since that is pretty much what I have been running lately, since it didn’t bother the hamstring at that pace. However, I got through the first mile a bit faster than that and while I purposely slowed down a bit, it wasn’t THAT much. Continue reading “A Good Long Run – MT WK1 D6”

Topo Ultra Fly to the Rotation – MT WK1 D5

This morning I had a first run in yet another pair of running shoes.

ANOTHER pair of shoes you say and you say WTFO???

Yeah D2 gets me shoes pretty much three times a year – gotta keep the old guy running, “doncha know” – that Minnesota accent. Hehehehe. Since Father’s Day is rapidly approaching dear old Dad made a suggestion and she came through with flying colors – again. I promised her no more bad Rose scented perfume jokes.

Also Bennie had thought about getting me a different pair of running shoes, but dang I really have too many and told him not to bother. I NEVER thought I would say that I have too many running shoes, but the truth be told right now I really do not need anymore for at least a couple of months – maybe for my Birthday in August – Bennie. 🙂

However, D2 took that great hint I gave when I messaged her the link and proper shoe size and got me…

The Topo Ultra Fly’s.

The Ultra Fly’s are a Brand/model that I have wondered about for couple of years, but at the original price point, plus never having been able to find a pair to try a pair on I just couldn’t get myself to do it.

I love the idea of their wide toe box and a multipurpose outsole that I want where I live, without only being zero drop. Although they seem to be headed in the boring colorways (lifestyle colors – primarily grays, blacks or dark blues) that so many other brands are choosing as well. I say keep the vibrant colorways coming or at least have one choice that isn’t boring. In many of their models they have done that to a point.

Now that v2 is out, the original Ultra Fly model’s price has been discounted to the point where it is worth experimenting with and I didn’t feel guilty suggesting them as a Father’s Day present. I do attempt to keep things reasonable.

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