A Lot Going On Yesterday and Today – RunLog 8-20-14

I didn’t bother to post yesterday, all that I did was recovery miles.

Which to me are more like pulling teeth without Novocaine, they hurt and it ain’t necessary.

Running that slow is hard, but I also know that it is necessary to do a good recovery workout after a TOUGH speed work session Monday.

By the time we got into that first mile, my legs felt like someone had taken ball peen hammers to them!

So it was the long slog yesterday, which meant that it was a good recovery run.

2014 Spreadsheet 8-20-14
2014 Spreadsheet 8-20-14

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First Runs in Skechers GoBionic Trails-RunLog 6-19-14

Okay, what is the deal with getting all the last year’s shoes, that are now discontinued and then actually writing like it means something?

Skechers GoBionic Trails
Skechers GoBionic Trails

These shoes are old frigging news and the rest of the world has moved on to newer, brighter and shinier shoes that are hip and now.

For the Long Explanation and what I thought about the GoBionic Trails read through, otherwise – it came down to where and how much I actually run in trail shoes, yes – price was a factor and yep, I like them.

After my other trail shoes decided to take a divit out of my right middle toe, which is an automatic no more of this crap for me. I decided that I needed a different pair of trail running shoes, since my GoRun Ride 2’s definitely are not trail shoes and nothing else in my collection works well on the trails I run on.

So much to TheWife’s displeasure I went out and got another pair of running shoes.

Yep I went back in the dog house – hmmm when did I get out from last time…I guess I must have escaped or something. 🙂 Continue reading “First Runs in Skechers GoBionic Trails-RunLog 6-19-14”

Quarry Road Trail 5K Race Recap – 6-10-14

Quarry Road 5K 6-10-14 Photo3 - by TJ Wheeler
Quarry Road 5K 6-10-14 Photo3 – by TJ Wheeler

Race #2 in the Quarry Road Summer Trail Series. So far 2/2 and still having fun with volunteering for setup/cleanup and running the races in between.

Here is the link to the Central Maine Striders Facebook Group page with pre and post race photos. No during the race photos this year from me.

  • Distance: 3.1
  • Time: 27:08
  • Pace: 8:44
  • Shoes: Skechers GoRun Ride 2. A slight change here, I added in the removable rock plate from some old Altra Superiors to reduce pointy rock syndrome. Once I trimmed them a little, it worked like a charm.
  • Place: 28/69

I started out comfortably and didn’t push the pace at the beginning, my plan was to get past the first hill and then pick up the pace, which is what I did until between 2.0 and 2.5 miles, when I took a digger and ate dirt. I got back up and started running again, but had to stop to check out the damage – nothing serious, a few scraps and embedded dirt and a little blood, but hey the trail gods demand that once in a while. 😉

However, I just couldn’t get the pace back and just plodded in. Continue reading “Quarry Road Trail 5K Race Recap – 6-10-14”

Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14

Bennie with a Doggie Smile
Bennie with a Doggie Smile

What are you talking about Harold?

I admit it, I probably did a little too much today, not enough to hurt anything, but enough to have my hammie feel a little more sore than it has.

What to hell did you do that for?

Well that is the story, I guess.

This morning I did my usual Mobilization, some stretching, the Kenetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge exercises and then it was time to do Bennie’s long walk. Well yesterday, I got this GREAT or GRAND idea to start running a mile a day with him (cheap extra mileage and good for him).

So we did a little over a mile this morning, we both felt pretty good, my arm wasn’t completely ripped out its socket as I attempted to be his anchor and I wasn’t whipped into the ditch suddenly, as he decided to dart off on the trail of some critter. We stopped for a car that was flying by on the dirt road and walked up to the tar section on Blake.

This was about a half mile and gave him time to re-load from the puddles and do his duties. Continue reading “Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14”

Quarry Road 3K Trail Race and BBQ

Quarry Road 3k Start
Quarry Road 3k Start

I ran in my first race since I hurt my hamstring, no I didn’t race, I just ran slowly and enjoyed the run – not something that I can honestly say I have done very often, when I am supposed to be racing.

If you want to see the race photos I took here is the link to the Central Maine Striders Facebook Group.

Hell, I was even relaxed to start the race and didn’t need to line-up 10 minutes early, just so I wouldn’t leave.

It felt good .

Yes, like a big dummy, I was so excited about finishing with the little guy, I forgot to turn off my watch – oh well, not too worried about it.

I was a good boy and didn’t push the hammie too hard and when it started to bark a little after the first mile, I slowed down a little more. It only reminded me not to go hard down the hills or up them, and didn’t bother when I was on the short flat sections. Continue reading “Quarry Road 3K Trail Race and BBQ”

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail Running Shoes – 200 Mile Review

In my 50 mile review of the Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail Running Shoes, I gushed about how great they were:

That being said, of all the running shoes that I have run in over the past 10 years, make that 20 years, hell maybe forever, if I had to pick and use/own just one pair of running shoe (no specialty shoes) to do roads, trails, speed work, winter running, or even race – The Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails are the running shoes that I would choose – period.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails
Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails at 200 miles.

Bold praise indeed for a pair of shoes, that I had only run 50 miles in, especially since I have run since the 1970’s and have run in a few pair of running shoes.

So how did the next 150 miles go? Continue reading “Pearl Izumi N1 Trail Running Shoes – 200 Mile Review”

Another Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 3-1-14

It is still cold, although not as bad as it has been, it was still cold today.

Selfie 3-1-14
Selfie 3-1-14

After yesterday’s quick 10.0 miler on the treadmill, I needed a nice easy recovery run and the snowmobile trail out back is probably the best place to do that. I went out easy and ran slower as the run went along. Continue reading “Another Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 3-1-14”

Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 2-27-14

Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14
Snowmobile Trails 2-27-14

Okay, it is stilllllll chilly, 27F with 10-15 mph winds out of the SSW, so running in the woods on trails was welcome, because while I was in the woods, the wind wasn’t an issue.

Except coming back,  when it was in my face for the last 3 miles – oh well just part of running outside.

Where have I been for past few days?

I took them off.

Wait a minute this wasn’t part of the plan.

Nope, but that roof shoveling on Sunday got my attention in a bad way and then when I pushed through an 8.0 mile treadmill run in the low 8’s was probably overdoing it. So I decided, with a help and advice commands from TheWife to take it easy for a couple of days.  Continue reading “Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 2-27-14”

Snowmobile Trail to Tiffany Run – RunLog 2-18-14

Well I got my new TomTom GPS Runner watch this afternoon, played around with it for a while and was impressed with how it looks and how easy it is to use. There are a few things I am not crazy about in my first hours, but overall it is doing everything that I want so far.

TomTom GPS Runner watch
TomTom GPS Runner watch

Now to just get it working with the RunningAhead website and I will be very happy. More on my experiences with it a little later this week. I was just a little excited to get going on the run and forgot to bring my phone, so I didn’t get photos during the run.

The Run

Today was a planned recovery 7.0 mile recovery run and I decided to run the snowmobile trails down to Tiffany and then come back up through downback. Which meant that I was running on snow-covered snowmobile trails for over 4.0 miles – which meant that the footing was pretty tough and my told me all about it after I was done – wondering what the hell we were doing this for a recovery run. Continue reading “Snowmobile Trail to Tiffany Run – RunLog 2-18-14”

Finally A Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 1-30-14

Sorry, I got reading a book last night and wanted to finish it, so my recap of yesterday’s run got delayed until this morning.

Yesterday was a great winter day, the temps were in the mid-20’s with a 5-10 mph breeze out of the south, with bright sunshine.

Running on the snowmobile trail
Running on the snowmobile trail

Yes, I finally got to run on the snowmobile trails up back!!!! Yeah, yippee and all that other stuff.

There was enough snow on them that it was safe to run.    Continue reading “Finally A Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 1-30-14”