Week Peek Back – 12/4/16

December, the last month of 2016, can you believe it! This year has just flown by!!!


No snow yet, but it is coming and so is the cold weather. That is the one thing as I get older that I enjoy less and less every year – being cold sucks.

Yes, I will be doing a few end of year reflections and looking back at the shoes I have run in this year over the course of the next few weeks. But let’s take a look at what happened this past week.

I got a new pair of running shoes (what else is new), but my left knee has been bugging me when I have been wearing my primary daily trainers, so it was time to see if it was the shoes or my very over-active imagination.


Other than that things have been pretty quiet on the running front. Continue reading “Week Peek Back – 12/4/16”

Week of Running – 11/20/16

I have been talking about running a little more lately on my blog, but haven’t been talking about how my running is actually going.


The leg is getting closer.

A good thing and directly related to my running getting better.

So it is time to start doing a weekly  update on how things are going with my running, especially since I want to start base training next week.


Monday – 4.25/33:59: I didn’t feel like running outside even though it had been nice all day. I was tired from working and just did the treadmill at Planet Fitness. I started out slower and it ended up being a nice progression run going from 7.2 mph to 8.6 mph. So it ended up a little faster than a recovery run, but not too bad. Unfortunately, due to some calibration issues the Garmin only gave me credit for 4.0 miles, I used the treadmill’s 4.25 miles.

Tuesday – 4.01/37:18:  An easy run down-back with Bennie.


#1 – 4.04/33:18: An easy run down-back with Bennie. It was a good thing we like running in the rain, it was coming down pretty good. Nothing special about the run itself, no big intervals, no excitement from the drivers going by, just a nice run in the rain. Bennie was chilled after, so he got the blanket wrap treatment and was quite content.

#2 –  3.15/24:07: Started easy and progressed up the scale .25@7.2, .75@7.5, 1.0@7.6, .50@8.1, .25@8.6,.25@9.1. So a lot faster than I have been going lately and the leg didn’t bark hardly at all. It was a check to see if I would be running a Turkey Trot or not. As good as I did, the leg didn’t like the last mile as much as I wanted. So I made up my mind not to run a race until next year – now to just keep that promise.

Thursday – 4.0/36:47: The leg didn’t bother too much from Wednesday’s faster pace, but enough to know I had made the correct decision on racing this year. The weather was about perfect and Bennie even got in a couple of vehicle chases.

Friday – 5.0/41:44: A treadmill run that I should have done outside. It was too damn nice to run inside and I did anyway. I was in a hurry and wanted to keep a decent pace throughout the run. I felt good, the calibration seemed to work better on the front treadmills than the ones up back and I could tell they were a lot closer to the true pace. I did pick up the pace the last mile a bit, but didn’t try to kill myself.

Saturday – 4.01/36:27: I purposely kept it around a 9:00 minute pace after yesterday’s faster 5.0 miles.

Sunday – 5.03/45:28: I ran the Middle Road for the first time this year. It is a pretty tough loop with some good bumps to contend with. The wind and drizzle were a little bit of a pain, but running in shorts the Sunday before Thanksgiving wasn’t bad. I felt strong the entire way and could have run a lot further.

Running Shoes


My three shoe rotation is doing quite nicely.

The Inspire 11’s are still my go to shoes for running longer or easy runs. They are comfortable, I can run just about any run I do in them. I really wish that Mizuno had left them alone.

The Kazan’s do what I want when the weather is nasty or it gets wet and slimey down-back. They are not super technical trail shoes, but for what I got them for they work great. Road to trail and everything in between. Soon I will get to see how they do in snow.

I had three runs in the Adios Boost 3’s and to be honest I am really liking them so far. They have become my treadmill/faster pacing shoes and the biggest problem that I have had with them so far is that – I want to run faster than I should in them.

Although yesterday, I had to change out the laces, to LockLaces. I just couldn’t get the stock laces to feel comfortable on my feet – they were pressing too much against the top of my foot. Next week I will get a chance to see how they do with the new laces. Walking around in them, they felt a LOT better.

Thanksgiving is next week and I typically, have problems getting my runs in, because the schedule is screwy. So we will see if I get up to 30 miles this week or not. However, this week was a very, very good week, where I learned I still ain’t ready to race and that the AB3’s are a good running shoe for me so far.

Looking Ahead – Just a Bit


img_20161104_151407246_hdrI am actually getting close to running pretty much pain-free…well most of time, if I am honest.

When I attempt to maintain a pace faster than 7:30 for more than 1/2 a mile, my left leg tells me a sad story of a guy who is getting to be an old fart.

The good news is, that going slower is not really all that bad and things are continuing to get better, with the left leg. It just is not ready for what I want as my race pace…that magical (for me) sub 7:00 5k pacing – yet.

I gotta keep believing in the  — yet.

Eventually, I will get there again.

No Racing Rest of 2016

Champions Turkey Trot 2015

Once I get by Thanksgiving, without giving in to that damned itch to get out there and race. As much as I really, really, really want to go to the Turkey Trot in Waterville – just to see what kind of time I can eek out on the running I have been doing.

Stop it Harold, you already promised Mary, you wouldn’t run in a race on Thanksgiving,  so shut up and quit whining.

But I whine so well. 😉

The progress since May has been slow, with some pretty frustrating periods and there hasn’t been a lot of training, it has been more running when I can and attempting not to screw -up, my progress too much.

I also think the decision to not go to a race this fall, helped more than I would like to admit.


If I can’t race in 2016…

That means, I have to think about some goals for 2017 and think about actually training, since I join that next age group next August…that one where at many of the smaller races it goes “and up” at the end.

I want to actually start training the week after Thanksgiving.

Making my running a little less, loosey goosey and more structured, but not so structured that I get bored or frustrated with it. Something McMillan/Lydiard based and more focused on effort than pace, until February or March.

After that, I probably will start actual half marathon training to continue working on my aerobic base through June and shoot for a decent Rail Trail Half Marathon. I would like to shoot for a sub 1:40:00, but we will see.

McMillan Half Marathon Base Training Phase

This is what my base training might look like, although some of those runs will be split into 2 runs, not just one session. Yes, it is a concession to getting older and also, having a spastic dog who pouts when I go out the door in running clothes, without him.

However, even though I might be training for a half in June, there are a few races I will do along the way:  January Thaw, Unity 5k, Race the Runways (5k or 10k), maybe even the Sugarloaf 15K, they are not “A” races. I will run them hard, but not dip too far into the well. Maybe a few more races if I am feeling good (Mary ain’t gonna like the budget hit, but if I ain’t buying new shoes as often, it means the money has to go somewhere).

Also I would like to go down to NH or Mass in April/May/June (nothing too big) to do something down there, just to say I did something out-of-state in 2017.

If I am able (my work schedule is still primarily 11-7 PM), I want to do the Quarry Road trail series this year – all of them. I think they are great training workouts and the camaraderie can’t be beat. Maybe even a few other trail races, if I get the trail running fever bad enough.

Stop right there.

I gotta finish the Rail Trail Half first. After I get to that, I will worry about the training I might be doing while leading up to that thing called my 60th birthday.

Time to Sharpen the Saw – I think a few of you will know what that means.

Running on a Treadmill

The dreadmill, ah I think that one word says how many runners feel about treadmills.


I guess I have always been a bit odd (what else is new!), because I like the treadmill.

There I said it, I like the treadmill and I said it again, just to be sure that you understand that I like running on a treadmill.

Now, do not get me wrong, I would much rather run outside – well most of the time, but we will get to that in a minute.

I can hear it now, old weird Harold spouting off again! 🙂

Why in the hell would I want to run on the hampster wheel of death (according to some)? Continue reading “Running on a Treadmill”

Adios 3’s Outside & a Crazy B$#@!

This is one of those days, I want to talk about my run this morning.

Yeah, it was one of the better ones I have had lately, but it is about more than just me bragging about how great a runner I am – yeah right.

We are pretty close to the middle of November, it is supposed to be chilly, but when I went out for my run I had on shorts, a short sleeve tech shirt and a long sleeve tech shirt. In other words, it was almost 50*F, 8 mph breeze out of the west and lots of sunshine.

Definitely, not typical for this time of year.

So I decided instead of doing a longer run, that I would do a faster for me run and use my new Adidas Adios 3’s to see how they would do outside and if my initial impressions on the treadmill carried over on the road and down-back.


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A Little Time on The Rail Trail

I know that this morning I published a post on no longer being a RunBlogger and here I am tonight writing a post about my run today.

What’s wrong Harold can’t you make up your frigging mind?

I have made up my mind, but my choice also means that I get to write about what ever to hell I want to write about. Which means every so often, when I have a training run that I want to remember for a particular reason, I will write about it here.

It just will not be every day, but my running escapades are still a huge part of my attempts at making the Grim Reaper laugh a little.

IMG_20161104_151407246_HDR.jpgI got off work early this afternoon, due to some schedule rearranging and stuff, so I decided to go for an easy run down on the Rail Trail in Augusta, I haven’t run there in a long time.  It is mostly flat with a random bump here or there and except in Hallowell, I don’t have fight traffic and can focus on running.

Which is exactly what I did today – focused on my running.  Continue reading “A Little Time on The Rail Trail”

Marathon Madness – Not For Everyone

1983 Marine Corps Marathon

I didn’t think it would take too long before I did a running post.

I know I am spouting blasphemy but I really do not believe that all runners aspire to running a marathon or an Ultra as the ultimate prize of running.

Over the past few years, there has been such an emphasis on those two segments of the running world, culture, community or whatever the hell you want to call it, that it almost seems that if you don’t do marathons or ultras you are somehow being left behind.

ummm cough, sneeze….bullshit!

Personally, I would love to be able to train for and run a marathon again, but an ultra, well that doesn’t really trip my trigger. Unfortunately, I have a small problem, my body does not hold up to marathon training.

Which means that my probability of ever running one, much less racing one again are pretty slim.

Wanting to run one versus being able to run one are two different things. Continue reading “Marathon Madness – Not For Everyone”

Finally Another Long Run :-) – RunLog 8-8-14

PI EM/N2 Roads on my Bennie Run this morning
PI EM/N2 Roads on my Bennie Run this morning

Yep, I got back into double-digits again and no – to be honest it wasn’t easy.

I was playing mind games the first 5.0 miles or so, just to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

There were all of those doubts about whether the old bod was ready for this little jaunt or not and even if I had enough time to get to TheWife’s work before 4:00, when she would be leaving.

You know, wondering if my foot was going to start bothering me after 6-7 miles, how would the hamstring hold together, when would my achilles begin to whine about all the abuse, how would the PI N2 Roads do after not running in them since April and finally how fast could I run it (not that it really mattered, but I still wanted to do a decent pace).

However, one thing I overlooked when I started out was that it was 81F and by the time I got down to the Skowhegan Savings Bank at 3:01 P.M. it was 86F freaking degrees. The frigging temp kept going up, instead of that usual decline after 2:00 and NONE of those showers they were predicting even got close. Based on the forecast, the lower humidity and the usual way the temps work around here in the afternoon, I figured that I didn’t need to bring water with me.

Yep – idiot brain took over on the start of this run. Continue reading “Finally Another Long Run 🙂 – RunLog 8-8-14”

Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge

As “everyone” knows by now, I am a more than a bit of a ramshackle mess and I have decided to really work on rehabbing this old body.

Yes in other words I am trying to get it back to where I want and where it needs to be for me to be able to run pain-free or at least as pain-free as possible.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have done a lot of the routines in Bruce Wilk’s – The Running Injury Recovery Program and Matt Fitzgerald’s Brain Training for Runners and while the routines are working, I am not completely…well satisfied with how it is going.

I have followed James Dunne and his blog Kinetic Revolution for a while now and I like/respect the information that he provides. A little while ago, I saw his 30 day challenge, but decided that due to my hamstring issues that I wasn’t ready to do it yet.

Fortunately for me, starting last Thursday, I found part of the solution for me and my hamstring has come a long way and when I read Dan’s post over at Run, Rest, Repeat


I got more intrigued by the

Kenetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge
Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge

and I decided to watch more of the videos on why I should join the challenge and got motivated to go ahead do it.

So yes, I signed up for the Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge and I plan to go through the entire cycle.

Even though I already worked out today, I went ahead and did the challenge activities: Continue reading “Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge”

What is Your Problem – Harold

I have run two races this month and in both races I was extremely disappointed with my efforts or my results. Actually, I was pissed at how poorly I had done.


  • A big disconnect
  • Training mistakes
  • Lack of consistency
  • Weighing too much

This has nothing to do with what shoes I am wearing, surprise, surprise, surprise – as much of a shoe geek as I am, my running shoes are not to blame for my poor performance at those two races.

Patriots Day 5 Miler Finish - 4-21-14
Patriots Day 5 Miler Finish – 4-21-14

There is no one to blame, but the man in the mirror. Specifically, what I am doing for training and my running over the last three months.

Last night I started looking at my running log and my blog RunLog entries, then this morning while sitting in ACAR’s waiting room, I really took a long look at what I have really been doing over the last three months, versus what I thought I had done. Continue reading “What is Your Problem – Harold”