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Tag: training

Week of Running – 11/20/16

I have been talking about running a little more lately on my blog, but haven’t been talking about how my running is actually going. Better. The leg is getting closer. […]

Looking Ahead – Just a Bit

  I am actually getting close to running pretty much pain-free…well most of time, if I am honest. When I attempt to maintain a pace faster than 7:30 for more than […]

Running on a Treadmill

The dreadmill, ah I think that one word says how many runners feel about treadmills. I guess I have always been a bit odd (what else is new!), because I […]

A Little Time on The Rail Trail

I know that this morning I published a post on no longer being a RunBlogger and here I am tonight writing a post about my run today. What’s wrong Harold […]

What is Your Problem – Harold

I have run two races this month and in both races I was extremely disappointed with my efforts or my results. Actually, I was pissed at how poorly I had […]

I Just Want To Run

You know something. I just want to run. I really don’t give a rat’s ass about all the other stuff I am supposed to do to be a better runner: […]

Week in Review – 12/29/13

I skipped my Week in Review last week, due to the Ice Storm and this week the weather and road conditions has continued to played havoc with getting runs in. […]

Week in Review – 12/15/13

This week I decided to not run a marathon in 2014. You can read about my reasons here. When you add in that my Achilles just doesn’t like long runs […]