Sunny and Nice Equals the Treadmill – RunLog 2-20-14

What do you do when it is 45F outside, with bright sunshine (gorgeous weather) —  why I ran on the treadmill of course.

Harold – are you loosing your frigging mind – a different 4-letter epitaph could well be used there – very easily?

Maybe, but not really.

After having 2-4 inches of snow each of the last couple of days and that big storm last week, today’s GREAT weather, would have resembled puddle jumping, snow bank hurdling and taking lots of quick cold showers. The local snowmobile trails were not runnable, Bennie and I tried walking them earlier and quickly found out that wasn’t a great idea.

With the heat wave going on, the side of the roads were more puddle (some places I think I could have swum faster than I could have run through them), than road and when vehicles would go by (the side walks were simply not runnable), I would have gotten a nice cold shower or perfected the snow bank hurdle or is that face plant.

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Hellacious Treadmill Workout – RunLog 12-28-13

Tomorrow is my last day of my McMillan base mileage training module and it is supposed to be another crappy weather day, which means that I am going to do something easy outside and not bother driving to the gym to use the treadmill. I want to run outside, the treadmill serves its purpose, but well it is not the same as running outside.

Which meant today I decided to do a killer treadmill workout to see where I am after my two months of developing a mileage base. Originally I was going to just do a simple 60:00 minute run, but I had a lot of pent-up energy and was feeling good, errrr great.

So I decided to play around, instead of just doing another long boring run.

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Tough/Great Interval Workout-–RunLog 10-21-13

It was 33F at the house this morning, getting closer to that freezing mark everyday, but that is okay it is part of the deal of living in Maine, it does eventually get colder up heah. However, we have been blessed with one of the most ideal fall running seasons that I have seen in many, many years. I know that I have been outside a lot in my shorts and t-shirts enjoying that weather to the max.

So what did I do today?

It is Monday and I have developed a pretty consistent pattern of doing treadmill intervals or progression runs on Mondays after the weekends that I don’t race. So even though by the time I got to the gym it had warmed up to 44 and lots of sun, I still decided to go inside and do my speed work indoors.

WTF Harold are you totally bonkers, it was freaking gorgeous outside!!!!

Probably, but I have found that I do a better job on my speed work on the treadmill, especially if I am doing it by myself – that I don’t have to think about it, I just have to do it. Also my pace is a lot more consistent and until I get back to knowing my pace better, especially at faster speeds, the treadmill is my usual training partner.

So what did I end up doing?

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Treadmill Speed Work – 8/27/13

Yes, I know what the PT told me and all that other stuff.

Sometimes, well let’s be honest, most of the time I am not a good patient and I don’t take orders very well (this is coming from someone who lasted almost 21 years in the military).

Oh well, just the way it is.

I decided to stop by the gym and see how my leg was feeling on the treadmill. I chose the treadmill for a few reasons:

  1. I can control the pace
  2. Same thing on the incline
  3. It is easier on my body
  4. I like the treadmill, (yes I admit it) I can “go away” for a little while, without worrying about cars, ditches, rocks, dogs or other assorted thing that I need to watch out for outside and just run. Continue reading “Treadmill Speed Work – 8/27/13”

Treadmill Interval Workout 11-20-12

Today I went to the gym to figure out what my strength training routine would be and to run a hard interval workout. Well I got 1 out of 2, so I was fairly happy with what I accomplished.

My interval workout was great! What did I do?

1.0 mile warm-up

  1. .25 @9.5 MPH
  2. .25 @7.2 MPH
  3. .25 @9.5 MPH
  4. .25 @7.2 MPH
  5. .25 @9.5 MPH
  6. .25 @7.2 MPH
  7. .25 @9.5 MPH
  8. .25 @7.3 MPH
  9. .25 @9.6 MPH
  10. .25 @7.3 MPH
  11. .25 @9.6 MPH
  12. .25 @7.3 MPH
  13. .25 @10.0 MPH
  14. .25 @7.3 MPH
  15. .25 @10.0 MPH
  16. .25 @7.3 MPH
1.0 Ladder from 7.4 to 8.3 every .10th
Then I walked @3.2 MPH until my heart rate went from 164 to under 100 BPM: approximately 4:00 minutes.
The interval workouts was great! I felt strong and my hamstrings didn’t bother at all. If anything they felt better running at a faster pace than the slower pace. When I got it up to 10.0 MPH (about 6:00 minute pace), I did okay, but the .05 part of the quarter, I noticed it was a lot harder to maintain my form, whereas it was not a problem at 9.5 MPH. I really believe that this running faster is going to help me in the long run and improve my form.

Yes I did weights after I got done running, focusing on my legs. I decided that for the next 2-3 weeks that I am just going to go light and higher reps to get my ligaments and muscles used to this weight lifting stuff. I plan to do a lot of research and will put together a program to follow when lifting weights that will compliment my running.

Time of Day: 8:33 A.M.

Weather: Indoors

Course: Treadmill at Planet Fitness Gym

Summary Screenshot:

*Shoes: Mizuno Ronin 4

*Socks: White Swiftwick Aspire

*Top: Runner’s World Tech Short sleeve shirt

*Bottom: Nike Pro Compression shorts, Coast Guard Shorts

*Outerwear: None

RunLog Screenshot: