Week In Review 8-31-14

A good training week with a double-digit run, speed work and some faster sessions with Bennie made this week a really good training week. I had thought about doing a race in Augusta on Saturday, but Friday’s long run results let me know in no uncertain terms that racing was not on the agenda the next day.

Bennie and the Snake
Bennie and the Snake – my favorite photo from last week

I am noticing that I am not writing as many posts on my daily training, especially when they are just recovery days, where nothing special happens. They were just getting too routine and didn’t/don’t add any real value to the blog. So I imagine that I will continue that trend.

I did get a couple of 50 mile reviews out one pair that worked really well for me and another pair that didn’t work the way that I wanted.

Also I explained why I still bother to write reviews on close-out and older shoes that I get to run in, which you can read about here. But to sum it up quickly — I think I am like a lot of other runners who do not have big running shoe budgets and know that last year’s models work quite well for me and I am interested in how those shoes worked. So writing about older shoes is something I think other runners will be interested in, as well as the newer models.

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Week In Review 8-24-14

Running with Bennie this week has been an adventure and 14.52 miles of running together, but we have had fun and he is making me much more consistent than I would be otherwise about my running. My run streak is up to 21 Days and I am not sure when it will end – probably when I get to feeling more tired.

Bennie pulling on the leash because he wanted to run faster
Bennie pulling on the leash because he wanted to run faster

For now, I am feeling pretty good and upbeat (well now that the race is over).

If you read my Run for the Fallen 5K recap, you will understand a little more about my struggles with race anxiety and how it affects my attempts to run in races outside of the local area. The bottom-line is that I made it to the starting line and finished the race with the best 5K time I have had this year :-).

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Week In Review 8-17-14


I have been busy this week, running more miles than I have in a while, reading a lot, writing a little more than usual, got a new pair of daily trainers, sent back my TomTom GPS watch and doing a lot of thinking about the book I got for my birthday Run Simple by Duncan Larkin and how I have incorporated (already) some of the suggestions in the book.

When I was first writing this post – I hadn’t decided if I want to do a complete book review or not, but my first, but not my last reading of this book has been a good thing, it is getting me to think about how I can simplify my running some more.

I was going to do a quick two paragraph review here, but it grew and grew, so I will end up writing a full book review on Run Simple, later this week :-). It is a good book and worth taking a look at, no I don’t agree with everything he says, but he did make me think about why I do some of the things I do and gave me some great tidbits that will help me focus my training even more.

On Friday, I was running into Augusta for my long run and suddenly a white Toyota pulls in front of me and TheWife says get in something is wrong with Isabelle (our 11 year cat). We rush her to the vet, she gets some shots, pills and although she is doing better, she is still not quite herself. So we are keeping an eye on how she is doing and spoiling her rotten.

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Week In Review – A Good Week 8-10-14

The week was a good one, tired yes.

I should be, I am trying to get used to being back at 40 miles a week again and part of this is running with Bennie, so many days I am running twice a day. Which can be tough, but as I get back to running regularly again, it will be a good thing.

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week and I am enjoying the additions to my running gear and books. I got a couple of books on Saturday morning and the one that I wanted to read the most was one of them.

Meb’s Run to Overcome.


I started reading at lunch and by 10:00 P.M., I had finished it. It gave me a little more insight to the man, that I had a grip and grin with last Sunday. He shows that it is okay to be driven to succeed, but at the same time you don’t have to be an asshat to do it.

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Week In Review – A Good Week 8-3-14

Now that was a pretty damn good week.

Meb and Me 8-3-14
Meb and Me 8-3-14

Getting to see so many great people down in Portland yesterday and yeah, getting my picture taken with Meb was cool too.

Doing a couple of sessions with “real” speedwork (at least for me) and getting over 40 miles for the week – felt good. Yes, I am tired, but a good tired.

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Week In Review – Surprisingly Back to Running 7-27-14


At some point and time, the crazy, freaky injuries that seem to find me so often, will stop seeking me out and allow me to just run and enjoy the feeling of running pain-free for a few years. 🙂

It will happen – I know it will.

Now that my right foot is feeling pretty good (not 100%, but pretty good) hopefully I am starting down that road.

I had planned on doing some really slow return to running this week, instead I felt good enough to just keep running. Not stupid amounts or at speeds that are bordering on insane…no I listened very carefully to my body, didn’t push too far and ended the week with 33.9 miles, which didn’t include a nice 3+ mile hike at Messalonskee Stream Trail this morning.

Bennie on the Messalonskee Stream Trail
Bennie on the Messalonskee Stream Trail

My right foot is a little sore from when Bennie decided to pull and caused me to land awkwardly on my right foot on a rock.

My tailor’s bunionette didn’t like that but otherwise this has been a GREAT week.

Running Belt for dog leash
Running Belt for dog leash

Bennie and I got back to running together and I started using my old archery field quiver belt and it has worked well in allowing me to run hands-free.

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Week In Review – The Good and The Bad 6-22-14

IMG_20140622_082205_663I am at the point of recovering from an injury where it becomes a freaking roller coaster ride. One day you feel like you are make huge progress and then the next you are down in darkest, deepest of lows thinking that you will never run well again.

It sucks.

However, it seems that is what I and I have a feeling many athletes go through, when they are rehabbing from an injury. How about you, do you go through this same roller coaster ride?

Maybe I should look at Shane Victorino’s lack of progress or slow progress, who has had hamstring woes, since the MLB season began and who has access to the best medical and rehab big money can have. Yet he still is just coming back to playing, so even a professional baseball player with all their advantages, still have to take time for things to heal.

It is hard though.

Overall, I ran well this week and went over 40 miles for first time since April. Probably a little too much too soon, but at the same time a lot of these runs were done with Bennie, he accounted for an extra 12+ miles and 6 doubles this week.

No they are not cheap extra miles, they are typically between 8:00 and 8:20 pace and holding on to a dog who wants to run faster is a pretty good workout, especially when he decided to go on a tangent and tried to pull me along with him :-).

I am running more, which is the important thing and yes I am trying to run smarter.

Proof of that was last Tuesday’s 8K Trail Race at Quarry Road, I know the course and after going to the Chiro that morning, decided not to run the 8K. In the past, I just would have sucked it up and done it.

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Week In Review – The Good and The Bad 6-15-14

IMG_20140615_095503The good news is that the Chiro was finally able to coral that piece of scar tissue and made me scream like a little girl. However, he did loosen it up a lot and it is about 70% resolved which is a LOT better than I have been at for a long time. Which meant that my run on Friday was one of my better ones in quite a while.

The bad news is that at Tuesday’s Quarry Road Trail 5K, I ate dirt and wrenched my back pretty good. It was sore on Wednesday, felt a little better Thursday and hardly bothered at all on Friday. However, on Saturday, after I ran with Bennie, it hurt like a son of b$%$#. I didn’t get to do a lot else that day, because of how much discomfort I was in.

Surprisingly, when I woke up this morning, it felt pretty good and when I ran with Bennie, I tried something different. I didn’t put his leash on my belt. It worked, no pain, so his constant tugging, pulling and then tugging some more must have aggravated whatever I did on Tuesday, just enough to make it painful. I was able to run a couple of miles afterwards without any issues, so it seems that I am back on track for running again.

Finally, it really feels as though I am making headway towards running comfortably again, it has been awhile.

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Week In Review – 6/8/14

Quarry Road 3K Trail Race Start
Quarry Road 3K Trail Race Start

The hamstring is getting good enough to run on and for that I am pretty damn happy!!!

Does it mean it is fully healed – nope, but it means that I am running and for now that is enough.

Running faster and/or further, will eventually happen, as it gets better and I keep working on my mobilization, stretching and strengthening routines.

One thing that I got back to this week (besides running), is looking at the glass as being half full. I got away from that for a while and didn’t realize how much I was using the words frustrated, disappointed, etc. You know all that negative shit and imagery that can bring us down even further.

I had a couple of opportunities to sit and think about a lot of stuff last week. As a result I have become much more of appreciative of what I have and what I can do and need to focus more on those things and let go of the negative stuff.

So I am.

Is it really that easy – yeah, yeah it is.

This is not rocket science, it is a matter of perspective – that how you look at things or talk about them, instead of always finding fault, looking at what could or is going wrong and ignoring the blessings that we have in our lives. I know that my blessings far out-weigh any of the negatives, so now is the time to focus on the good things in my life and let go of all the negative shit that whirls around in my head. Continue reading “Week In Review – 6/8/14”

Two Weeks In Review – 4/20/14 and 4/27/14

Kennebec River in front of the Augusta Arsenal
Kennebec River in front of the Augusta Arsenal

Wow – it is hard to believe that I “forg0t”, well actually just didn’t do my week in review last week. Let’s be honest I had several opportunities where I thought about doing it and didn’t.

Anyway it is already that time again this week.

Let’s see what has happened over the past couple of weeks?

Right Knee. I went through a stretch of my right knee bothering me enough to take some down time and be under 20 miles for the week for the first time this year.

Luckily it didn’t turn out to be anything serious and it/I just needed a little rest. Also I started raking the lawn about the same time as my knee started bothering and I have a feeling my knee was hurting because of the way that I plant my right leg while raking. When I did some more raking this week, it hurt again.

So sometimes it is not always the running that is the culprit when you have a new and unexplained niggle.

Patriot’s Day 5.0 Miler. I wanted to run in a race on Patriot’ Day and since I wasn’t running Boston (wasn’t it cool that Meb won and it turned out to be a great event for everyone involved – although a lot of runners had a tough time with the warmer weather). So I ran the 85th Annual 5.0 mile Patriots Day Race in Portland. It is a great race, well-organized, with a lot of great people there. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in my performance, especially on a very fast course – it happens to us all, but this was the second race in a row that I wasn’t happy about.

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